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Text Or Talk ?

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In the spirit of internationalism - your Mobile or Cell phone.


What do you do the most?

Actually speak to contact or text to contact ?

Granted, in some/most plans/payments - text is less money.


I see more and more younger folks - texting as opposed to speaking with someone. It's as if the sender does have a message but the sender actually does not wish to speak or talk to other person.


What is more use on your cell/mobile phone - talk or text?

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My phone gets minimal use these days twice, a week maybe.


Speaking for MLG, 4~5 hours a day on mobile phone, a mix of txt, F'book, Line, W'App and many others.


Whereas I'm 4~5 hours a day on TV, Computernet and printed reading material.

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I actually use video chat quiet a lot. Sometimes at work it becomes the easiest way to explain an issue back to the office.

But in general talk 80% text 20%.

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