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Forget about the printer. I'd be checking the cartridge prices. Always more expensive than the printer itself.


HP or Brother are good. I have a Brother MFC - J65 100W which does it all. Prints and scans A3 or A4, card and flash drive reader and wireless.

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I got a $20 HP, real simple but good inkjet, cartridges are $40


I was given a near new Canon, much better printer millions of features, cartridges $6 a set. That being said, the HP was doddle to set up. I use it scan and then email docs, don't print much these days.

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Other options to think about.

How does the paper feed.

Which side the controls are on.

Size or space taken up can be a consideration.


And as stated above - the cost of ink cartridges.

And how many ink cartridges. I have an Epson that takes 6 cartridges. That one is a pain to pay and replace cartridges. I got that one for photographs though.


I recently got a new HP Envy. It keeps turning itself off for energy savings. And I forget to turn it on when printing. There is a menu screen - not sure if I can set it to stay on all of the time. But then I would be an energy waister or waster.

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