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Facebook Has Been Giving Data Away For A Decade


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REal issue is pixel tracking


Used already with governments globally,


Embed into a photo some tracking information, as soon as shared on the internet it's tracked


Gmail and the others work actively with government for this


Used in all movies as a solution against piracy, it works really well


Here's a good link




Photos uploaded here could have embedded information - share on a main platform and they got ya



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I think I posted before that I run a 17 yr old laptop, that has obsolete - 

  • Processor architecture
  • Operating system
  • Browser
  • Programmes

but is able to float gently through most of the modern inter web, due to small band of core fanatics, who've written various patches and workaround scripts, to keep such machines viable.

I do this the basis that modern hackers, crackers and other devious individuals, will not have the knowledge and or tech to mount an attack on this machine, the best they could do is stop it working.

Much like expecting millennials to understand Shakespearian English.

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Apple stopping apps tracking you

Zuckerberg also blamed Apple for its horror quarter, with Facebook set to lose a whopping $US10 billion ($A14 billion) in 2022 following a significant iPhone change.

In 2021, Apple added a new function to iPhones that would bar companies from tracking users across apps.

As a result of Apple’s iOS 14.5 update, the overwhelming majority of users opted out of tracking – and it has given Facebook revenue a hammering.

“The impact of iOS overall as a headwind on our business in 2022 is on the order of $US10 ($A14) billion,” Meta CFO David Wehner said.

Even if you don’t like Apple a good reason to Like Apple. By the way Zuckerberg, it wasn’t Apple who blocked but the users, Apple only gave the tools, which by the looks of things, were what the user wanted.


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I didn’t know about that but the Firefox “Facebook Container” does do a similar thing as Safari used to do, but nowhere near as good as a job as the latest OS and IOS do. Also Firefox is not standard but an add in.

Unfortunately Firefox and Safari users only make up 15-20% of browsers, whereas Chrome and Edge make up 70-75%  overall but figures for Safari rise significantly in the mobile platform.

Most Apple (Safari) and Firefox users are Tech Savvy enough to take steps for internet security and website tracking, it is the masses who are less switched on who are most at risk.

Browser Usage



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Facebook users hit by major malfunction on feed

Facebook users across the world are experiencing a major glitch on the social media giant.

Users' feeds have become inundated with posts to pages they follow made by complete strangers.

People are turning to Twitter to try and understand what has happened with their Facebook account and to see if they have been hacked or not.

Users first began reporting problems with Facebook at about 5.35pm NZ time....     LINK


Read this and then look at this post.



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