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The pound surged against the dollar after an exit poll suggested the Conservative Party was on course for a comfortable general election victory.

Sterling gained 2.7% to $1.35 - its highest level since May last year - on hopes that a big majority would remove uncertainty over Brexit.

The pound also jumped to a three-and-a-half-year high against the euro.


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Election results 2019: Boris Johnson hails 'new dawn' after historic victory

Boris Johnson has promised to deliver Brexit and repay the trust of voters after he led the Conservatives to an "historic" general election win.

The prime minister - who has met the Queen to ask to form a new government - has a House of Commons majority of 78, with one seat still to declare.

He said he would work "flat out" and lead a "people's government".

Jeremy Corbyn said he would not fight another election as Labour leader, amid recriminations over the party's defeat.

The opposition was swept aside by the Conservatives in its traditional heartlands in the Midlands and north-eastern England, and lost six seats in Wales.

With just one constituency - St Ives, in Cornwall - left to declare, the Conservatives have 364 MPs, Labour 203, the SNP 48, Liberal Democrats 11 and the DUP eight.

Sinn Fein has seven MPs, Plaid Cymru four and the SDLP has two. The Green Party and Alliance Party have one each.

The Conservative Party's Commons majority is its largest since Margaret Thatcher won a third term in 1987.

Mr Johnson has returned to Downing Street, having visited Buckingham Palace, and is expected to make a statement outside Number 10 this afternoon.

In his victory speech earlier, he told activists the election result represented a "new dawn" for the country.

He thanked Labour voters, many of whom, he said, had backed the Conservatives for the first time, vowing to fulfil the "sacred trust" placed in him.

"You may intend to return to Labour next time round, and if that is the case, I am humbled that you have put your trust in me, and I will never take your support for granted," he said.

Jo Swinson has quit as Liberal Democrat leader after losing her Dunbartonshire East seat to the SNP by 149 votes.

Mr Johnson said the Conservatives' victory had "smashed the roadblock" in Parliament over Brexit and put an end to the "miserable threats" of another referendum on Europe.

He said: "We will get Brexit done on time by 31 January - no ifs, no buts, not maybe."



So now what, send the wogs packing?  :hmmm:




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Big gains for the Tories, huge losses for Labour, giving the Tories a  very healthy House of Commons majority of 80 (biggest majority since Maggie in 1987), which should allow them to get things done, particularly Brexit. On the down side the SNP gained in Scotland against both Labour and the Tories so no chance of shutting up the Poison Dwarf and her relentless push for Indyref2!

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So the Brexit is on again. I think that weasel words and finagling might still be the order of the day,.Rich buggers stand to lose money in a Brexit and Conservatives are by and large Rich buggers, but then I'm prolly wrong.

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Corbyn may have been the wrong Labour leader at the wrong time. It seems a Brexit election. It's been going on too long and no direction. After that is sorted, Johnson will have to lead the country on the issues that arise every election and that has never been easy for any PM. 

Also, when the crash comes, we may see the end of the Tories gains. 

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