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72 years old

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12 minutes ago, khunsanuk said:


Not heard about this yet, but considering this is a Thai traffic law, I assume it will be enforced as much as all the other Thai traffic laws - not at all.



I have many questions regarding this new "law"...for Thais only? will an international license get around this law? etc, etc, etc...

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You are a braver man than me, my Mrs nearly gave me Heart Attack driving a Golf Buggy at Ancient City.


I stopped driving in Thailand circa 2010, When I work it is outside of Thailand and I find it easier / cheaper to grab a cab, BTS or MRT. If I was to work in Thailand or move out of Bangkok it may be different.

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I gave up driving last year.  Too much hassle.  I will get another car when they develop a reliable fully autonomous car, the kind that you only have to give the address of the destination, and it does the rest.  I will probably be dead before it’s developed.


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