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Covid-19 Treatment for Thais


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In Australia anything relating to the pandemic has pretty much been covered by the Government under the Public Health System.

Do the Thais also look after their people? I know as an expat or foreigner they charge like a wounded bull. But what about their own?

Question prompted by a friend who has tested positive and is currently in Theptarin Hospital for 14 days. She is more terrified about getting lumped with a massive bill than the virus. I don't know much about how their public health system works.

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Poor Bust,

He asks a question and gets everything but the answer he was looking for.

Government is Free.       .........    Bust said in Private Hospital

No Insurance Big Bill        .........    Bust said worried about big bill

My Farang Covid Test cost.    .....     Bust friend is Thai and know they have Covid don’t need a test.

Vaccination for Tarang will cost.   ...   Again Bust friend is Thai and a Vaccination does not cure Covid

All interspersed with a little Antipodean humor 

Talk about a thread going off track.

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32 minutes ago, khunsanuk said:


"Vaccination for Tarang will cost"

Turns out that is not actually the case. Gov has apparently said it will be free for all residents.


AFAIK Thai Residency for foreigner in Thailand only applies to Permanent Residency and/or Thai Elite Resident. Retirement Visa and Marriage Visa are only a permission of extension to stay and not residency.

Please correct me if I misunderstand.

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