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Wealthy foreigners can own Thai land


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Jeeze, a whole Rai!

...and additionally a  minimum investment of at least THB40 million (US$1.05 million) in Thailand and maintain that investment for a minimum of three years.


By comparison, in my wife's name, I have 1 Rai in Vientiane and about 15 Rai on the edges of Vientiane.

Total investment required = some beer and a marriage.

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To me this is yet another "FUCK YOU!" to the majority of expats living in Thailand. It is clear the government doesn't give a fuck about us, unless we are rich.

"in my wife's name"

Then it is the same. You do not own that land either, your wife does. I could buy as many rai as I'd want in TH as well, IF put in my wife's name.


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  • Why is just not like Condo ownership, prove money from overseas and voila 
  • If I had $1Million I could let sit for 3 years I wouldn’t be interested in one proxy rai of land in Thailand
  • It is not cut and dry, even if all boxes ticked still “Requires Approval” in each case by Land Department and Ministry of Interior. The cynic in me thinks the “Requires Approval” phase of the process to allow exchange of brown envelopes

Link which explains approval process

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3 hours ago, My Penis is hungry said:

Land and property have been pretty good investments in Thailand.

I realise you were being sarcastic, but for me property investment has been.

If I had of been paying rent for the 8 years I have had current apartment I would have paid more than the actual purchase cost, so basically living rent free and sitting on an asset.

Probably the only time in my life I got an investment right.

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1 hour ago, cavanami said:

Here in the NE of Thailand, there is plenty of land for sale...

But do you have USD 1 Million invested in Thailand and an LTR (Long Term Residence Visa) LTR Required to buy the limited 1 Rai of land which may only be used for residential purposes?

There could be millions or Rai for sale all over Thailand, not many foreigners are going to buy.

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