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Typing in Thai on this board


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This board has a bit of a problem with typing in Thai, so make sure it works you need to follow these steps:


1. go to "View"

2. go to "Encoding" or "Character Encoding"

3. select Thai

4. switch the Keyboard over

5. type your text in Thai


To view the text written in Thai you only need to do the first 2 steps.



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�ส�รีำ�หสสสห��ี�����ย� - No problem typing, but knowing what I typed is a different story!



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What's a BM piggy? Bar Men? You expanding your dating horizon?


Remind me to send you a pic of his Friday night day.


Woman......but won best and fairest packing down in the front row for the Blacktown Colts C Grade last season.


Piggy is spending more and more time out in the burbs lately.

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