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Mangda - leeching of their girlfriends


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Your right, I am sure they dont discuss anything like that with their thai boyfriends as the thai boyfriend is not in the least bit interested.


The boyfriends are only interested in money, nothing else. The girls who have farang boyfriends have the most trouble :crazy:


The farang boyfriends torture themselves with such details.



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My fav girl from G-spot no like Thai man, i study so working here because my family are poor, Thai man butterfly and no good. Have go now because school tomorrow, so need sleep.


Same guy that hangs around outside Nana drops her off, drinks Leo, has a few snacks and takes her home every night on a bike.



She is really, really cute tho about 4"11, pale skin, blonde streaks.


I cant keep s straight face when most bar girls tell me about their lives to be honest.


Lot of sick fathers/mothers out there isnt there?

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Never had that! last weekend i had a "poor student" who was even wearing glasses for the effect, real cute but fucked up entering her number into my phone.


Her friend was clearly a former grade AAA past her prime, she used to work Japanese bars and had some real horror stories like one of them cutting the tip of her finger off, burning with cigarettes (scars to prove it) gang rape, pissing and shitting on her.


Seemed quite genuine and for some reason got me a Chang for listening to her.


I didnt buy her anything, she didnt want one

a bit odd really


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I pretty much fully agree with you opinion.


As an aside....and of limited Thai speaking abilities, I thought 'pa-yaat' was Thai for parasite...and 'mangda' was a large nasty looking beetle which is available on some food carts.

I've eaten a mangda...once only...but have yet to be hooked by a parasitic Thai gal ;-)

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