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Mangda - leeching of their girlfriends


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There are 1-2 million people in the sex industry in Thailand. (NGOs, "Sex industry census shows more venues," The Nation, 29 July 1997)


There are 60,000 brothels and other sexual service centers in Thailand. (CATW - Asia Pacific, Trafficking in Women and Prostitution in

the Asia Pacific)


40% of the two million in prostitution in Thailand are under 18, meaning that about 850,000 children are in prostitution. (Centre for the Protection of Childrenâ??s Rights, Chris Gelken, "Row Over Call to Boycott â??Paedophile Playgroundâ??," Gemini News, 28 February 1997)


In Thailand, trafficking is a Baht 500 billion annual business, which is 50%- 60% of the government's annual budget and more lucrative than the drug trade. (Authorites and activists, Kulachada Chaipipat, "New law targets human trafficking," The Nation, 30 Novermber 1997)


4.6 million Thai men regularly, and 500,000 foreign tourists annually, buy women in prostitution. (CATW - Asia Pacific, Trafficking in Women and Prostitution in the Asia Pacific)


And you were wandering around in LOS and never noticed?



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Hatuay - again - you started the thread asking about Mia Noi's - switched it to prostitution - and now your using 97 data.


I'm happy to debate with though if your talking prostitution I suspect we're both on same side -


Just pick a topic and stick to it ok?


I'll repeat what I said and you haven't answered yet




Well - if you want to talk about prostitution I'd agree with you - Vietnam has it under control - however they also have Mia Noi's as well.


You however wrote




Is it Mia Noi's or Prostitution make your mind up



See - I even agree with you Vietnam Vs Thailand for control of prostitution.


I know Mia Noi's are very common across Asia, Sillypore being the most puritan state hence the least.


So - rather than saying insulting things about me being ignorant - why not choose a topic and stick to it.


Is it Mia Noi's or is it Prostitution?


OH - I assume a wife = prostitute too?


For the purpose of definition Mia Noi is minor wife - sometimes a live in person - think old style Morman or rich Muslim. Not a prostitute in the common sense - arguing about that derails the thread and the argument here and I'd like the above poster to make his mind up.

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There are Mia Noi's in my home country as well.


So by that reasoning


Thailand = Norway.




You still don't get it? :banghead:



So if your wife hates Thailand because of Mia Nois and Prostitution, and your home country has both, than I assume your wife hates Norway as well?

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