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True super hi-speed


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So, did anyone else get the True Super Hi-Speed?


My download times have remained constant at about the following:


From: http://speedtest.thaivisa.com/


Download Speed: 709 kbps (88.6 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 406 kbps (50.8 KB/sec transfer rate)


Now, True sends me this link:




All in Thai, but basically just press the GO button (that is for Bangkok).


The speed from their test page consistantly shows about 1,900 kbps - so


Test 1: 4149.466 Kbps

Test 2: 1921.253 Kbps

Test 3: 4147.902 Kbps

Test 4: 4150.611 Kbps


Hmm.... now the test speed is even higher.


Still I think I would rather have the higher speeds that I saw for a few days to the ThaiVisa speed test site - the entire net was much quicker during that time.



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Just for fun tested my swedish broadband on thaivisa and got this


Download Speed: 1338 kbps (167.3 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 356 kbps (44.5 KB/sec transfer rate)


Swedish test gives 6.98 Mbit/s download, upload 766.19 kbit/s


If you want to test the swedish one you can download the program Here


it's in swedish but I think you'll understand


Hämta: TPTEST 5.02 = Get


Hämta: TPTEST 5.02 för Mac = Get for Mac


PS It's safe, made by swedish consumer authority

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Back up to the Super Hi-Speed again this week:


Tuesday: 3 April



Download Speed: 1918 kbps (239.8 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 399 kbps (49.9 KB/sec transfer rate)


Thursday: 5 April



Download Speed: 1932 kbps (241.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 399 kbps (49.9 KB/sec transfer rate)


Let's see how long it lasts.



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I went to the TRUE office at Asoke yesterday. I currently have the 1 Mb service, at 890 B/month. I also get full credit for every baht spent on my ADSL applied to a TRUE/Orange SIM card that they gave me for free.


Bad news: the new promotion takes away the 890 baht/month credit on the SIM card.


More bad news: they told me I am currently getting the highest service available in my neighborhood off soi Rangnaam.


More disheartening news: I originally had, I believe, 2 Mb service. At least, I was paying for that. I dropped down to 1 Mb after never reaching anywhere near the paid for 2 Mb. Now I know why!!! (See "more bad news"). Fuckers!! If my max speed in my neighborhood is 1 Mb, why do they tell me before that I can have (and pay for) 2 Mb service! Fuckwads.


Good news: I kept the 1 Mb service at 890 baht/month. I could have gotten my 1 Mb service dropped in price to 599 B/month, saving 300 B/month, but I get a bigger bang out of my "free" 890 B/month credit on my SIM card.

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Finally got round to applying for this today only to be told that I am too far. Fastest speed I can get is 1Mb (which I have now).


I will be moved to the new package, but at the same speed, just cheaper (599 Baht instead of 890 Baht). Would have preferred increased speed though.


Kinda pathetic as well that I can't even get anything higher than 1Mb. While I do not live that close to a main road, I do live in a fairly central area. Wonder how many areas can handle 4Mbit?




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