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True super hi-speed


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Looks like True offers VDSL, but not at speeds or prices you mention.






for some reasons the site isn't loading!

Shyge is right, dsl depends on the quality of your line! VDSL is if I remeber correctly fiberglass lines and there most be a connection point within 1.5 kilometers to get full speed!


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Will anyone who isn't using True switch? Their prices now seem more competitive?


Never used them but now paying 738B/m for ADSL256/128k with CSlox! (Though they are reportedly now offering me an unnoticeable faster 512/256 for same price until Jul07 since as a promo which should then cost over 900B if I want to keep it?!)

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Tried to order from Buddy Broadband but gave up after 20 mins on hold.


As much as I dislike True I then called them about this offer. Only available if you have a True mobile number. UBC subscribers can order after 14 March!


I just scratch my head sometimes. Oh well guess I will just have to call them in two weeks.

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