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True super hi-speed


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I upgraded to the 1mbit 599baht package and just ran the test and got 927/419 down/up.


Correct me if I am wrong, but that speed test is in Singapore so it will be biased on the high side. I ran several speed tests US sites and it was more 400-700 download speed. Try this and you can test your speed to any country you want:




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Compared it with the swedish consumer authoritys standard test for internet connections


used a server in Stockholm 600 kms away


download 6.98 MB


upload 753.62 kB

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I recently started having problems with my True DSL line.


I have their 3mbps super high-speed package, and the speed is generally OK.


In the past week or so, my line drops every 30 minutes or so, then the modem light will start blinking and the line comes up with a different IP address. I know this is normal for an ISP to change the IP address for dynamic IP subscription, however, normally, this should be happening maybe once every 24 hours or so. The connection is more volatile if I have a moderately hi-speed download going (~200KBps) and it will sometimes drop the line every 3-5 minutes.


I called True IT support and they reset the line for me with absolutely no improvement.


Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? I am using a True-supplied modem Huawei with a Netgear router behind it. Like I said, the connection has been fine for about 2 months.

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