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True super hi-speed


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CTO, TIT, my wifes sister was first employed by TRUE (Orange as it was at the time) when she was doing her major in England, her husband is one of their senior network engineers, Nepatism and corruption, I could not afford it in my home country :p

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I can't control that, so why would I care? Well, I can, but it impacts my download speed, so I wouldn't. And besides, that's what torrents are all about, aren't they? Sharing.




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Time to resurrect an old thread.


I was in one of the True shops yesterday paying the bill when I noticed the ads for the new packages on offer. True Hi Speed. This was available since April 1 (not an April fool)


Applied to upgrade mine from 3Mbps to 8Mbps and the cost remains the same. If anyone is using True Hi Speed its well worth checking out the new promotions, even if you stick with the same speed you currently have the cost could be sustantialy reduced.


I will report back on how good it is once mine has been upgraded.

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i tried to to the same thing today


3 phone calls of 30 minutes to a friend who first told me about it (his original information turned out to be incorrect)


2 Phone calls to gf who contacted True Hotline 2 times and looked at their website but unfortunately was not able to explain to me what is the deal


1 phone call of 30 minutes to True Hotline in English, took me a while to understand their offer.


A friend explained to me, all those MB are just "what would be possible if it worked". Not what I get.


I figured, ok I am using a Tata Nano on a 4-lane expressway. They are giving me an 8-lane expressway for free. I doubt that the Nano will be much faster on the 8-lane expressway, but I have nothing to lose.

When I was going to sign up the call center agent asked for my passport details (i have a new passport, didn't make things easier), my billing address which she somehow messed up, and then she told me that from now on I will get my bill from another company as before.


As True and DTAC are the only ones who are able to send me their bills regularly on time, and as I know the pleasure to get a fax from CAT, TOT or EGAT threatening to shut down service because I didnt pay bills that they never sent to me (or that arrive a day after the fax), I really didn't like this.


Fortunately, at this time I had to hang up on her anyway because of an urgent phone call. I just told her to leave everything the way it is.


I wasted several hours because I forgot "If it ain't broke don' fix it - especially in Thailand!"

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