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T Minus 30 Days And Counting...


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I made a reservation for arrival in early Nov. for a couple of wks stay. This time I'm flying trans-Atlantic (from east coast USA). My past trips to LOS had been all trans-Pacific. I was surprised to find that taking the Atlantic route costs the same number of FF points on UAL, takes less time by about 2 hours, and only one stopover in Frankfurt (usually 2 stopovers for Pacific routes).

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enjoy your stay, enjoy the girls.

Let us share in your adventures and experiences.




Enjoy the Frankfurt Feel.

You'll find out what I'm talking about.


Please Enlighten us. What do you mean by „Frankfurt Feel“?

I am German, I know Frankfurt but a special Franfurt Feel is unknown to me.



Wiener Würstchen oder Frankfurter Würstchen or Thueringer or Weiss-Wurst or Bock-Wurst ...

they are all good Würste = sausages, bangers, snarlers, snags or whatever the Anglo-Americans may call them.

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You were stationed in Hanau near Frankfurt in the late 60's and you had some great times.


Good to hear that. But that's a long time ago.


Did you ever go back to Frankfurt / Hanau?

Do you speak deutsch?


What do you learn in your high-schools and grammar-schools?

In all the years I met many Anglo-Americans who told me – or better who confessed - that they learned German but the only words they can speak are: Guten Tag! and Auf Wiedersehen!


If I would stay in a foreign country for 2 or 3 years I would learn that language very quickly!

Through the language you get to know the culture of this country, how people tick, one learns the way of thinking, you get to know this specific world view of these people.

Learning a language you get a look inside of this society, especially when you read and study the big poets and philosophers of that country.


ok. only some thoughts.

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