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Food hygienics


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I've been helping a friend lately cause he's opening a little guesthouse and restaurant. He has hired a cook and I seriously think he made a big mistake choosing his employee. One customer and me have already caught serious diarrhea from her cookings. I've been lurking her ways to do things...


We had a little water shortage and during that time I saw her washing vegetables is shitty water, never washes her hands, cuts salads with the same knife than raw chicken, the fridge is full of stuff that looks very questionable.


It's been educative experience and it has got me sure that some of these people here don't have a fucking clue about basic kitchen hygienics. No wonder I always get sick when I stay here longer at one point. Makes me wanna choose places I eat even more carefully from now on. If my friend takes my advice that cook gotta go pretty soon...

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I never eat in restaurants in Thailand, only food courts and street vendors where you can see how they store and cook the food. I've only got serious food poisoning from that Thai restaurant at the entrance of Walking Street and that open-aired place near the beergarden in Bangkok Sukhumvit.


Having said that it sounds like your mate doesn't have a clue how to run his business and probably hired a cheap and unqualified person claiming to be able to cook in order to save money.

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