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Thai Con Artists ruin holidays


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For a start read what rchapstick said and what I agreed with


Any idiot with an internet connection or a copy of lonely planet knows what to look for.


I was not referring to a scrap of paper, but the website of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Travel Advice for Thailand.


As for scams that are not on the list I agree totally, but the OP is only referring to one Scam, and making the statement "The Word Isn't Out", something I demonstrated to be an incorrect statement.

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On my last international flight into Thailand, the TAT did have a welcome message on a video.

Unbelievably, they had a segment encouraging people to buy gems!

No warnings whatsoever about the Gem Scam Con.

At that moment, I realised the TAT are probably in on it.

Thousands of victims report it to them every year but they decline to do anything.


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Ultimately this is bad for Thailand as victims return home and tell people how Thailand is the land of ripoffs which will hurt tourism. They themsleves and others will be less likely to go.


the tourist statistics give a different picture! or are they also faked like the gems?



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This all seems very personal by the OP.

Also seems very certain about who he is identifying as a scammer.

Does he have proof of this?

Big difference between a scammer as someone just out trying to make a baht.

Are touts also scammers in your eyes?

Something tells me there is more to this than some friendly information... :hmmm:

A victim perhaps of some elaborate scam.

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