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Thai Con Artists ruin holidays


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the tourist statistics give a different picture! or are they also faked like the gems?


I don't doubt visitor figures may be growing, but they would grow faster if so many people didn't leave with a bad opinion of the place. I personally know several people who have had poor holiday experiences in Thailand, and these are well off European professional people (the quality tourists) Thailand is so fond of saying it's targeting. One of the local pub landlords took his wife on holiday to Thailand earlier this year, his opinion of the place was very poor, in his opinion it was dirty, smelly and polluted. The constant harrasment by touts on the pavements and on the beach spoiled his holiday so much, he has said he will never come back. Other things he complained about was the poor service in restaurants (food arriving late, cold or not at all) and being charged for things he didn't order, the only thing he had praise for, was the quality of the hotel accomodation. Being in the hospitality business himself he has made his opinion known to his customers so there are now around 200 people who will think twice, before booking a Thai holiday, even if it is cheap

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You should post this over on Thorntree.com message board, the Lonely Planet website as well as to many other Thailand related sites as you can. It does look organized and people should be warned. When I first came to Thailand I was bothered by these pests as well. They are pretty slick and their English for the most part was pretty good. But, do not get so close to these people. Obviously they are making a good deal of money off this, and they will probably do nasty things to anyone, especially a farang, messing with their 'rice bowl'. Be careful and don't place yourself in any more situations that could literally end up lethal. And, if the police are involved (and I don't see any reason to believe they aren't really) getting anyone to do something about it is highly unlikely. Maybe sell your 'story' to some Western newspapers? Or give it away for free and just show them what you have and know. One of them might do a piece on it. Have you approached the English language newspapers in Thailand about this? Maybe letters to the editors of both? Maybe Private Eye Stickman will take the case and do a piece on his website? Send it in to his 'Reader's Submissions' section.

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At that moment' date=' I realised the TAT are probably in on it.



Yeah right!!!





If the Op wants to "Out" scammers....why not post photos of BG's....a much more sinister bunch


...Just a thought...lol...



Really? You don't think the TAT is a corrupt entity?



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This all seems very personal by the OP.

Also seems very certain about who he is identifying as a scammer.

Does he have proof of this?

Big difference between a scammer as someone just out trying to make a baht.

Are touts also scammers in your eyes?

Something tells me there is more to this than some friendly information... :hmmm:

A victim perhaps of some elaborate scam.



Hi Bust,

I was involved with a tour company in Bangkok a few years ago. Met groups of tourists every day and spent allot of time with them.

One thing that stunned me was the regular reports of the lieing and cheating that goes on in the tourism areas. It's really bad these days.

I had return clients that were disapointed the the Grand Palace was closed It was closed the last time they were here 3 years ago!

Yes there are teams of people at the Grand palace entrance telling everybody the place is closed. The TAT let's that continue year after year. That's crazy.


My photos are just the tip of the iceberg. Similar gangs are at every tourist site working in full view of security and employees at these places.



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Ultimately this is bad for Thailand as victims return home and tell people how Thailand is the land of ripoffs which will hurt tourism. They themsleves and others will be less likely to go.


the tourist statistics give a different picture! or are they also faked like the gems?




I don't believe the statistics.

I look around and see less people the last few years.

I think we are reading TAT propaganda brewed up after the Tsunami.

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Fair enough......just thought there was more to your post than met the eye.


Reality is you don't have to be in LOS to get scammed.


Took my 2 sons to a local Thai restaurant the other day for some Khao neo mamuang. They wanted greasy fries but I stood my ground.


Anyway I order and we take a seat. They had a some rather large mangoes on display and the mother (family run) removes 2 from the glass cabinet.


So the 2 plates arrive and although there was plenty of mango it appeared she had only cut up one and divided it between the the servings.


Minutes later she delivers a single plate of Khao neo mamuang to the Thai couple at the next table and guess what....the plate contains a whole mango.


I looked at her and then at their plate and then at the two plates sitting at our table then back at her. She seemed to acknowledge my observation but just looked away.


We finished and payed the bill and I will never eat there again.


The ironing lady wants to go in and say something to them but not sure if I could be bothered.

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