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Thai Con Artists ruin holidays


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Thousands of holidays are ruined by the devious , organized crime teams lurking at every tourism site.

Every Taxi and Tuk Tuk are in on the same game. It's relentless.

Novice travelers are hit on at the Airport on arrival and harrassd the entire time while visiting Thailand.

Indeed, a recent crackdown at the new airport, caught 900 scammers 'working' at the arrival area.Of course, they only paid a 1,000thb fine and were back at it immediately.

These unfortunate novice travelers have no idea how devious these scammers are.

I've been here almost two decades and recently was shocked to discover the extent of this multi layered scam on tourists.


I decided to photograph every con man that approaced me as I often walk past the Erawan Shrine with my Camera.


Pictues of the scammers here:



The scammers assume I am a tourist and always come up to me and offer help. They tell me they are Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers etc and try to lure me into the Thai Gem Scam.





There are 20 different individuals identified on my photo site and quite a few more I have not photographed yet.They all work together, communicating on cell phones. Very elaborate operation. I'm pretty sure many of the scammers are Thai Police.. perhaps even off duty Tourist Police.


I was attacked by them and fled into the World Trade Center last weekend.

This attack was on security video at the BTS, Central World and ZEN store.Even though the security clearly show the attackers the Thai Police did nothing.

It's obvious the Thai Police, Tourist Police, Thai Police and the BTS Security team are all in on it, allowing the large gang of tourist cheats to continue.




I decided to contact the TAT last summer to report this. To my amazement, their response was pitifull and the gang of scammers are still working full time at the Erawan Shrine.

Take a look at my photos of these scammers and say hello next time you pass that corner.

Just stop and look at a map or take a few pictures and this team of professional Con Artists will surely introduce themselves.



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I had some friends burned by these coniving pricks.

The TAT is only a money grabbing organization and have zero interest in stopping this scam.

The Tourist Police are no better.

They couldn't care less about the well being of visitors.

Go out to the Tourist Police office sometime. Usually there is a half dozen or more tourists there, filling out the Gem Scam form.


Do me a favor and send the photo link around to travel writers, hometown newspapers etc.




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I'm sorry clubsiam, but I really do not understand why you are going so far. Are these guys scum? Absolutely! Should it be banned? If it were my country, then I would say yes!


But it is not our country, now is it. As tourists we can alert others to this, and these scams are WIDELY publicized. Any idiot with an internet connection or a copy of lonely planet knows what to look for. If the local police choose to look the other way, then other than alerting others to the scam, it is not my business.


And while I applaud your effort to publicize this, I think you are frankly reckless to provoke these guys and take their pictures. Unless you want to end up taking a dive off a building or winding up in a klong, then I'd make your point safely behind a keyboard in farangland.


And btw, even if you do successfully "out" one of these scammers, there are 100 more waiting to take their place.

Oh, and I would definitely NOT try to take on the local police either ...

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Well, the 'word' isn't out.

15 million 'first time' visitors come here every year. Many of them arn't clued up to the devious ways these people work.

The TAT could easily put up a sign here and there of warn visitors on thier arrival.

My college age nephews are still paying off their credit card after one of these scumbags helped them while reaading a tourist map.

They spent their entire holiday dealing with the non performing Tourist Police.

This happens to thousands of people a year.


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I have to agree with rchapstick on this,


Taken from UK Foreign Office own website.




Ten British nationals have been murdered in Thailand since January 2005.


Unlicensed taxis and minibuses often overcharge tourists for airport transfers. You should ensure that the driver has a working meter or agree a charge for the ride before taking it. There is a cheap, reliable airport bus service to the centre of Bangkok.


Watch out for crimes of opportunity. Theft of passports and credit cards is a problem. Passport fraud is high and penalties are severe.


There has been a number of incidents where tourists have had their drinks drugged (in both tourist areas and red light districts). You should be careful about taking drinks from strangers and be wary at clubs and parties, particularly in the Koh Samui area and at the Full Moon party on Phangan Island where incidences of date rape have been reported. A number of British nationals have suffered severe psychiatric problems as a result of drug use, in a small number of cases resulting in suicide.


We continue to receive reports of sexual offences committed against foreign women and men. In January 2006, three British women were raped in separate incidents in Thailand, including one who was murdered. Female travellers in particular should maintain a high state of personal awareness during their time in Thailand.


[color:red]You should beware of being approached by strangers who offer to take you to gem shops. Once in the shop you may be asked to purchase gems on your credit card. The gems are sent to your home address in the UK. However, they are rarely worth the value you pay for them. It is very difficult to get your money returned as the shops shut down quickly and re-open somewhere else.[/color]


You should report any incidents of crime to the Thai police before leaving the country.


For more general information please see Victims of Crime Abroad


It would appear the word IS OUT!

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It is completely unrealistic to expect all 15 million tourists every single year to read ahead of time whatever scrap of paper you wish to flash in front of us. Plus, any of us could add scams that are not on that list that people would have no idea about.


There is just no doubt that scams start the minute you walk off the plane with the "official" limo people. The scams obviously work effectively or they wouldn't be there. Ultimately this is bad for Thailand as victims return home and tell people how Thailand is the land of ripoffs which will hurt tourism. They themsleves and others will be less likely to go. Those that do go will be more guarded and spend less than they might because they fear genuine offers might be scams. And everyone has less fun having to deal with and guard against con artists, pick pocketers, and the like lurking at every place you go to enjoy your stay.


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