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Thai Con Artists ruin holidays


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This is very simple why I think TAT is corrupt.

I went there with 2 potential business partners who were looking to launch a travel agency.......


Instead of what I thought it is very easy to launch a travel agency in BKK, you can even get for a small amount your IATA certification.

If this is not corruption then I dont know what it is but as I love Thailand I must say that you can find corrupt people in every administration on earth for the right price.

(in my own country, Spain, France you can "help your way" through the administration, of course the price for the "employees charity fund" might be a bit higher.)




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Corruption: Buying your IATA licence, here I would have to study 2 more years to get it no matter my university degrees......

The fact that you can open a travel agency without having the IATA licence, just put the sticker and they will register you as having the licence, etc...

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