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Thai Con Artists ruin holidays


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so I wonder, is there a thai board out there somewhere with a thread titled: "Crusading Man with Digital Camera Ruins Thai Con Artist Holidays!"? Probably not, because you'll never shut these guys down, their business is too big and too easy -- ever been to India? Morocco? Turkey? Same shit goes on everywhere -- and frankly, I think some people actually find it an exciting part of their trip, something adventurous to tell when they get home ("and the tuk tuk driver was in on it! and the German at the Black Buddha temple too! it wasn't even the King's Birthday sale, and Wat Po was actually open!" etc, etc.) just as long as the cost was not too high. Anyone who doesn't know to avoid anything to do with 'gems' in Thailand needs a wake up call anyway...


(As to TAT's response, I'll agree that they hardly seem to be doing anything - not even a warning on the website! Meanwhile, the Thai MFA and probably every western embassy give clear and detailed warnings on this scam.)



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Yep, agree completely...


These "Sharks" need morons to feed on....


No morons....the "Sharks" starve and move on....simple economics 101, actually!!!


P T Barnham was, indeed, a very wise man


But seeing it's New Year, I've been inspired to do good for my fellow mankind....


I'm gunna buy me a white shirt....some black pants....and a big black book....


...and go hang around the entrance to Nana Plaza....


...maybe I'll even find a few lost souls to save....before they get conned by the girls running the "hoy" scam...LOL


...might even take some photo's....but will only be able to post them in the "Sponsor's section".... so people will need to contribute to be able to check them out....


Cheers DS....aka DC

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busty boy....you know the "Devil" got my soul...last time I went down...(to Georgia)....lol.... Guess it serves me right for thinking I could "fiddle"......


As for my "Arse" it's desparately in need of saving...5555....I need a couple of hundred thou ... real quick...to get my next little "venture" off the ground.... "The Sex Maniacs guided tours of....Boyztown"....


...Wanna buy some *&^$#??.....Cheap ....Have I got a deal for you!!!!! :neener::dunno::neener:


Gotta go, before I say something that that will get "Edited"....again


...Shit...the "Duty Free's" almost empty....Lucky there's a new shipment arriving on Sunday....LOL...


Think I'll go and read a Donald Duck comic book....I just lurv the antics of those little "Junior Wood Chucks".....(little in-joke folks....the Mods understand...lol...)


Cheers to All


Happy New Year


I reckon we should re start the photo competition in 2008....wadda ya reckon???


cheers DS :grinyes::grinyes::beer::grinyes::grinyes:






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