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Thai Con Artists ruin holidays


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we have a small "issue" to address when you get here...so you and bust better bring your cameras!!


I have it on good authority that the "scammers" who work the strip outside Flinders Street Station, have been trying to sell the "12 Apostles" to unwary tourists....


Now, it's common knowledge that these are enormous "Rocks"....but one did disappear last year....so anything's possible :dunno::grinyes::dunno:


Maybe they're in Kahoots with the Kiwi Secret Service....trying to destroy our Tourist attractions... :dunno::dunno:


Shit, I'd hate to pay the P & H charges....lol


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Reading stick's weekly column it seems that clubsiam ran into troubles (scammers identified him).


Feel sorry for him but as I warned him, in Thailand mind your own business or another way to put it is:

Dont break someone else's bowl of rice.......

Would not be suprised if he ends up in a klong.

I am still amazed that expats who lived there for any length of time still take such risks.

(And yes Thailand is sometimes a lawless country with corruption everywhere etc...Then if u dont want it just pack your things and leave or u may end dead)





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I read stick's column and it seems clubsiam now has the mafia guys by the balls. Unwittingly, his recognition by them has now swung the balance in his favor. He can press his advantage if he wants to; his move now.


Unrelated tangent, I was apalled the same article stated: "Cowboy seems to attract those who are more budget conscious" WTF? Name one gogo bar outside of Cowboy that charges 140 baht for a drink. Name one gogo outside Cowboy that charges 700 for a barfine. Is there any? Patpong is easily the best gogo area for the budget minded. And Nana less than Cowboy. Cowboy led the charge in 2007 price hikes, even though it was already the most expensive. I have no clue what planet the person who wrote that statement is from. In patpong, THE BEST gogo's charge 100 for a drink. In Cowboy, if you stick to the WORST gogo's you will have trouble finding that price.


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