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If I saw a Cobra the subject line would read Cobra: 1 Chocolat Steve: soiled pants.


I'm like Indiana Jones "I hate snakes! Why does it have it to be snakes!"


There goes my plans of retiring to the country side. No way I'd live around those damned things! I'd have to have a dog. He'd find the snakes before I would discover them. Okay, he may get bit but better him than me. He'll get an heroes funeral, how's that?

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Funny, I've never really worried about snakes even though they were a constant part of growing up. If they were away from the house they were left alone but if they were a danger to chickens or pets they were disposed of with the nearest blunt object.

The Australian venomous snakes are the most deadly in the world, the Inland Taipan being the most poisonous.


Australia is the habitat for quite a number of the worldâ??s most lethal serpents. The Inland Taipan is a very rare species and believed to be the most toxic of all snakes, it makes the Cobra look like a garter snake. One bite delivers enough venom to kill around 100 people. A close cousin, the Taipan, reaches a length of over 10 feet and is very aggressive. It strikes without warning, not once, but several times, injecting a venom that clots blood and can kill in minutes. The Death Adder, relative of the Cobra, has a bite that is lethal in 50% of cases that go untreated. Other potential killers are the Tiger snake, the Australian Black snake and the Brown snake, whose bites cause the most deaths in Australia.

Hiss hiss,

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