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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?


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White Riot [2019]
Brilliant 2019 documentary available on the usual download sites now in 2020 named after the Clash song of the late 1970’s UK when the Rock Against Racism movement started. Includes some surprisingly bigoted opinions from mainstream music stars of the time like Bowie, Clapton and Stewart. Great imagery from the era showing social deprivation, the National Front and the punk music scene which would help RAR bring racism down.
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The Hunter (1980)

Coincidentally, I was sifting through my old library of saved movies and this Steve McQueen gem caught my eye.

A movie from the old water, engaging and of it's time. I liked it.

Worth watching and savouring.


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So this new TV series caught my eye

Hunters (2020)

Al Pacino, Nazis, Jews, what's not to love?

I was curious as to how this delicate subject matter might be handled. With a crystal clear lens is how. No pulling back from the violence or the abject terror of it all.

The 1st episode, 90 minutes, billed as 60, is brilliant. Set in the 60s and 70s so great music and fashion.

I'm setting down to watch the remaining 9 episodes now.

Very Very Good.


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Just started the 2nd episode and this line leaps out :

delivered by a woman in a nun's habit to a young man

"One misstep, and I will do things to you so traumatising, you will wet your knickers every time you see Mary Poppins on the tele..."

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Two George Clooney movies, not intentionally picked, in fact I didn;t know before hand he was in them


From Dusk till Dawn, reminded me of the good old days with after hours bars and discos etc

The Midnight Sun

Full of shit idiot movie with no sense of time etc - A craft somehow travels from Jupiter to Earth in a few weeks, and that's just the start.

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