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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?


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1 hour ago, My Penis is hungry said:

Indeed at one stage was member called Young Farang

But “Young Farang” would probably be about 45 by now, he was young over 20 years ago, people do age you know, not exactly a spring chicken*

Or maybe you are of the mind that anyone under 60 is young 

* Interesting fact about No Spring Chicken

The origin of the phrase actually comes from its literal meaning. In the early 1700s, Farmers found that chickens born in the spring brought better prices than 'old' ones that had gone through the winter. When farmers tried to sell the old birds as 'new spring born', buyers complained that they were 'no spring chicken'.

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9 hours ago, zzzz said:

Mosul 2019

A movie about a group of Muslims fighting through the ISIS occupied area of Mosul on a mission. This movie made the Critically Acclaimed List on Netflix. How many Arab speaking movies with subtitles make this list? There is a cathartic moment at the end.

I don’t like movies with subtitles, probably because the old peepers aren’t what they once were.

If I wanted to read I would grab a book

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Docco: The Volcano: Rescue from Whakaari’

...helmed by Oscar-nominated director Rory Kennedy, the film tracks the minute-by-minute unfolding of a tourist trip that ended with a volcanic eruption on an island off the coast of New Zealand, which claimed the lives of 22 people.

good write -up here https://www.esquire.com/uk/culture/a42254243/volcano-rescue-from-whakaari-true-story/

Compelling viewing.

Some heroic work from people who, "just get on and do it".

Some inevitable time-wasting bureaucratic, decisions from high up...

Some questions, as to whether or not, money should be made by taking people, to the crater of an active volcano.

Some brave people and stoic survivors.

There's no agenda to this film, pure documentary.


I'm thinking of watching it again.

Extensive use of actual footage from mobile phones etc.

* note small helicopter, people  in the rubber boat are tour crew and survivors:


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  • 2 weeks later...

One of the unintended consequences of having a stroke (2017) is that the memory loss, is handy for movies.

I know I'd watched Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy before,  and needless to say, it was much better than I remembered, quite different and a lot better, in fact.  Well worth a watch, and again later on.

So I got all John le Carré and dialled him up in Kodi and watched the following:

Our Kind of Traitor 2016 - excellent - A couple finds themselves lured into a Russian oligarch's plans to defect, and are soon positioned between the Russian Mafia and the British Secret Service, neither of whom they can trust. Very good.

A Most Wanted Man 2014 - also good - A Chechen Muslim illegally immigrates to Hamburg, where he gets caught in the international war on terror. Well worth a watch.

The Constant Gardener 2005 - I'd never wanted to watch this before, because I have a dislike of Rachel Weisz. But it turned out to be a good movie. Ralph Fiennes is vey good.

The Tailor of Panama 2001 - Some very good performances and a lot more to this movie than it first appears. Great watch!

I've few more to see, I'll report back when I've done so.


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The Take - TV Mini Series 4 episodes - 2009

Based upon the novel by Martina Cole, this TV series is mostly about Freddie Jackson, portrayed by Tom Hardy, who is just out of prison. He has the right connections and now he's ready to use them.

Tom Hardy, what a brilliant actor, when most actors do the low life, gangster/thug swagger, they have to work on it. Mr Hardy does it so naturally and easily, that it's like sweat on his brow, almost unnoticeable. A truly great performance by Hardy as an East End London low life, gangster/thug.

No spoilers, just very good as a binge watch.


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West of Liberty TV Series 2019

Based on the novel by Thomas Engström, a former Stasi double agent is asked by his old CIA contact to work one more case.

With a lead named Wotan Wilke Möhring, what more do you need?

No spoilers - 6 episodes - binge worthy. 

Look for an Assange-like character, :).

Well worth the watch

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Paris, Texas [1984]

A disheveled man who wanders out of the desert, seems to have no idea who he is. When a stranger manages to contact his brother, he is awkwardly reunited with his sibling. Masterful storytelling and acting that stands the test of time. Worth seeing again.

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The Mustang [2019]

While participating in a rehabilitation program training wild mustangs, a convict at first struggles to connect with the horses and his fellow inmates, but he learns to confront his violent past as he soothes an especially feisty horse. Based on real life stories of inmate rehab, this independent film by a European director resonates with a superb lead and some brilliant scenes with the horses. Worth seeing.

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