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First Timer to Nana


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Overall, having a great time in BBK. I thought I was a pretty savvy traveler. Most of my travel is in the States and Europe. Before coming to BBK I read all your posts and tried to be a well educated consumer. SO...last night I head out to Nana, second time since here, and I stroll into Hollywood...


1st. I thought 90% of the girls were absolutely lovely. So it starts out looking good. I know all about the LD's but this place takes the prize! I got pummled by every waitress and two Momma's about every 90 seconds! What the "F" with all the waitresses coming over trying to get tips and drinks? This really spoiled the good time.


I grabbed two lady's for a ST, they were great, and next thing I know, I go back down with them for a beer, and every waitress in the bar including the two momma's want tips. How do I avoid this? Should I just be rude and say "no tips" or just leave and find another place.

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Just leave and find a new bar.


Remember, these girls are there every day of their life and aren't the naive little flowers they sometimes try to make out they are!


Be firm, but don't get angry. Don't be a wanker and splash cash around the bar as a newbie on some big ego trip, or it'll just get worse for you.


Give tips where it's warranted, but not just because someone asks you for one.


You *WILL* find girls who sit with you in a bar or gogo. take a lady drink or two from you, and then ask you for a tip when you get up to leave. Forget that - they're making money from the lady drinks. (Assume you know this, but just in case you don't). If you've had a "fiddle with the goods" or she's had a "diddle with your fiddle" then yeah, you might want to slip a few baht the lass' way. But not just for sitting with you - that's her job. (As long as you're buying lady drinks, you're doing just fine). They are sales people... remember that!


Try Soi Cowboy - go down Sukhumvit Road and turn left at the big intersection at Soi 21. It's on your right.


Look, there can be greedy mercenaries in any bar, in any nitelife area. Just move on and find a new one.


All the "Nana Bashers" will probably come out of the woodwork now. I prefer Soi Cowboy, but there are still great lookers and great fun to be had in Nana IMO.


I have had great nights out in Rainbow 1, 2, and 4, Playskool, Erotica, Mandarin.... (been 12 months so I don't know what's open and closed since then).


Don't let one bad experience put you off. There are good and bad bars in Nana, Soi Cowboy, Patpong, Pattaya and other places people go out at night. It just depends who you encounter on the night and being in right place, right time or wrong place, wrong time.



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It is really quite simple. Be like Nancy Reagan. Just say "NO!" It's not rude, it's reality. The gals know at most men are not happy to say no, so they play you like a sucker. But you need to embrace that "NO" word. Learn it. Live it. LOL!


Seriously, if it makes you feel better, use the phrase "not tonight" instead of "no." But use one of them liberally. You are the customer and it is up to you to decide for whom to buy drinks. They'll get the idea soon enough and the precedence will have been set.


Change bars (not bar areas if you don't want to), cuz it will be impossible to change modes in the current one now, and start over...




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Here is what I tell my newbie friends...


First off, don't stare at or smile at a girl that you don't want to come sit with you. Second don't tell anyone it is your first trip to Thailand and you just arrived.


If a girl you are not interested in asks to sit with you, just smile and say "no thanks". If she sits down without being invited, then politely ignore her. Even if she is hanging on you, don't give her any encouragement. If she asks the inevitable questions (what you name, where you come from, how many time you come Thailand) then just answer politely without asking any questions in return and go back to watching the other girls on stage. If she still doesn't get the hint and asks for a lady drink smile like she made a joke and shake your head no. If you spot a girl you are interested in, point her out to the girl trying to sit with you and ask her to bring the girl over. That gets rid of the one you don't want and you don't waste time with a girl you have no intention to barfine.


Save the lady drinks for the girls that you enjoy sitting with.


Unless the waitress are doing something beyond bring drinks I don't buy them lady drinks. Give them a small tip when you settle your bill if they provided good service.


If you ask or otherwise encourage a girl to come over to sit with you then you should offer a her a drink. But if she asks for one the minute she comes to the table it is a bad sign. I probably wouldn't barfine her in that case. She should be patient enough to wait till you offer it. Just don't make her wait too long.


Realize being overly generous for no reason just encourages the wrong type of girls to swarm you. Save your generosity for the girl(s) that earn it with a great ST/LT experience.

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Sorry for jumping in on this thread - but lazy to start another one.


What is good at Nana Plaza now?


Have a old friend - lived here for 10 days in the 90's and wants to relive NEP this weekend.


Well, I tried to convince him that times change and better fun can be had elsewhere - but he is firm (and paying) - so Nana it is.


Now, any recent thoughts on Nana Plaza?

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