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A Good Red wine..


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My next door neighbour is a wine importer. German guy. Don't see him often. We are on nodding terms but it was his missus that dropped a catalogue off a few months ago together with a couple of bottles of very nice Chateau Can't Remember free, gratis and for nothing.


So, anyway - I've ringed a few bottles in the list just before Christmas as I wanted to treat myself. All were in the 1200 - 1500 baht bracket. He does some good shit for that price.


Then the maid (who gabs with the said guy's mother-in-law over the wall all day, most days) decided to 'help' and informed me that she'd put the order in and that it was only 1100 baht to hand over, which I dutifully did and crossed it off my 'to do' list.


What could go wrong, eh?


Well, I ended up with a fucking demi-john:5 litres - of Merlot. Maid was obviously thinking that this was a good deal! After all, stupid Carew was going to spend more than that on just one measly bottle. Falangs, eh?


Ah, well - so I unscrewed the cap (!) on Boxing Day and to be honest the first few glasses were pretty drinkable considering.


The day after of course, I was the proud owner of 4.5 litres of really good vinegar!


Upside - my sauces and stuff have been boosted since, but I've been even using it in 'mop' marinades when I've been barbecuing!


It's one of those 'culture clashes'. The lass thought she was doing good so I haven't the heart to get grumpy. This time.





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Well, to be honest, he looks like a bit of a bruiser. The sort of chap you'd expect to be standing outside a club in the Reeperbahn or something.


I know what you're getting at though! My other thoughts have been along the lines that he probably doesn't know that his ma-in-law might be helping herself to his stock to make a bit of pin money.


But, you know the score here. "I know nothing."


I was upstairs collecting fares, guv'nor.


The maid is my firewall.

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Actually there's a reasonable selection. I've tried a few but haven't found anything yet that I would readily buy again. Problem is that if you buy one and don't like it you've still got 5 litres to get through or chuck!

use it to marinate some meat.......



Marinades, wine sauces, salad dressings...wine stews etc...

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I got LK here at the moment, fishing and then a bottle of that er.. lovely wine you gave me, I'm off the wine, gout you know, LK will have that lovely drop all to himself :)


Fortunately MiWiMee is cooking so it'll all be completely hetero...

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Here it is 2011. Beaujolais Nouveau this year is not as good as last year when I bought 25 bottles. I went down to Costo and bought a bottle (of the 2011 vintage [$7 US]) but still have some left over from 2010 -- not good -- Beaujolais Nouveau is supposed to be drunk young :beer: .

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