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Gentlemen, after Donald-the-liar has been sent into the sewer by the American people my soul has come to a rest. Still I follow with utmost interest the proceedings in Georgia where to my additional delight the Republicans seem to loose the senate as it looks. Well done, Donald, you should have stayed away from the rallies. He now phantazises  that he won the state in a "landslide", which made CNN calculate the further development of his imagination:

Judging by the progression of Trump's election delusions, he will have won the Electoral College 538-0 over Biden in a few weeks' time.
Me big laugh. Him sick.
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Georgia looks very close though, still not final as at the time of this post.

I was just gonna enjoy my schadenfreude, and leave the media to show the idiocy of Drumpfs. There are however,  moments I'd like to record for posterity.

You'll note that Donald is preaching to his Trumpanzees from behind a bullet proof screen, wass a matter? afraid a Trumpanzee will shoot you?



Defying US President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence said that he does not have the power to discard electoral votes that will make Democrat Joe Biden the next president on January 20.

Pence said in a statement issued minutes before he was to begin presiding over a joint session of US Congress to count those votes that it was “my considered judgement that my oath to support and defend the Constitution constrains me from claiming unilateral authority to determine which electoral votes should be counted and which should not.''

or "F*ck you Trump."


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FFS -  I wonder what you get in a jail term,  for inciting civil unrest, insurrection even..


Democratic lawmaker evacuates office as protesters storm Capitol grounds     8:10 NZDT

Pro-Trump protesters breach Capitol, Pence whisked away      8:50 NZDT

D.C. Mayor Bowser imposes 6 p.m. curfew     8:57 NZDT

Trump continues his attacks as protesters storm the Capitol      9:01 NZDT

After escalating attacks, Trump urges 'peaceful' protest     9:02 NZDT

Protesters breach the Senate chamber, House door barricaded - Pro-Trump supporters have entered the Senate chamber as others are in a standoff at the door of the House chamber.     9:05 NZDT

Protesters are on the Senate floor     9:08 NZDT

Pelosi, Washington Mayor call for National Guard help     9:09 NZDT







This is not gonna end well for Trump.


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From the really dumb and stupid idiot's,  files ::

Donald has documented on his very own twitter feed, inciting civil unrest and then trying to back away from it, for the prosecutors, not even Cav is that stupid.




the video (you can google it) uses real inciting language - jeez, does he want a jail cell? Jeffrey's?

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I'm sad to say that if these protestors had been BLM, they wouldn't have been let onto the Senate Floor, there would be live fire,  across the city and hundreds of dead protestors.

As it is, protestors are being allowed to take selfies ...



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