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37 minutes ago, My Penis is hungry said:

What copper cable is still being used all over oceans?

It's all optic since last century,

What does happen is tapping of the cables, getting harder

I agree hacking is often not tracked, lots of bullshit there, along with cameras in space being able to photograph your number plate

The reason I put "Tee Hee" at the end of my post is that I made it all up, I reasoned that if Cav can post complete bull shit, I would too.

Tee Hee.

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I am cracking up because I am trying to imagine the Democrat party pulling off some Mission Impossible/Ocean's 12 type stuff and I'm dying in laughter. Not sure if non Americans know the old TV show Maxwell Smart. 

The Dems will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory when it suits them. 

Still trying to figure out how the Dems got  Republican run states and Trump appointed judges to reject EVERY thing. But I'm not a criminal mastermind Democrat. I'm officially independent. We just wait for the dust to clear and see how we can make it our advantage. 

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2 hours ago, cavanami said:



What it shows is that approximately 50 % of the American people obviously suffer from brain defects. I propose to split the USA along a line between Virginia and the middle of California, move the Trump sect South, all others North  and build a wall. Good idea I think.

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Cav's vid guy Michael Yon, an attention whore, is saying that there were a couple of Antifa people, seen at the Capitol riots. How do they know? were they wearing big Antifa tattoos? Horns and furs and face paint?

My next question will be, Yeah but what about the tens of thousands of rioting Trumpanzees? 

Next question, is,  Michael Yon and by proxy Cav, are suggesting that a hand full of Antifa can lead tens of thousands of Trumpanzees to riot.

Are they that easily led? 

Oh no wait, that was Trump, Giuliani, Trump Jr,  Eric,  Ivanka, Cruz and, I don't need to go on....


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