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Hi, Guys, why are you so obsessed with this thread? Why want it locked? Don't like it, just don't bloody read it. Sanuk!  

I do enjoy this guys vlogs. I pretty much disagree with everything he says. But this is very interesting. PS I do like his autoplay video on his home page. I do like his not monetizing the internet

The result of today's education system ... Ooh Say, Can You...Read? 10 Non-'Racist' Statues Targeted By Historically Illiterate Protesters https://www.mrctv.org/blog/oh-say-can-you-read-9-n

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The biggest economies in the world that account for about 45% minimum GNP both have huge bubbles that are historic. Never before seen levels. 

It's a house of cards. From the experts I've read that I respect, we'll likely have a depression and the economic malaise could go on for years. The Great Depression was going on for a decade before WW2 ended it. This won't be so "easy". 

The one possible scenario is the implosion of the U.S. dollar and the dollar no longer being the world's reserve currency and if it isn't what replaces it? My guess is the U.S. and perhaps with partners will try and introduce an eDollar of some sort. They'll use the bitcoin name loosely and try to say its similar. And at the same time different than the physical dollar. One of the criticisms will be that the U.S. printed too many dollars and they will say something perhaps like. "We will only have a limited number of eDollars. 2 trillion or whatever. 


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What makes the USD have to be the world reserve?

Historically it was the Greek Drachma then the Roman Denari, the Byzantine Solidius then the Arab Dinar.

The first truly World Reserve was the Dutch Guilder, helped by the Dutch East Indies Company. It was the 1860’s where most Industrialized Countries fooled the UK and put there currency on the Gold Standard and the Pound Sterling became the International World Reserve.

The US Dollar took over post WWII, mainly by default since most of Europe and Japan had no Money left / were in debt, only the US had any money left.

What next, the Euro, I don’t trust it, and neither did the UK hence the reason they never joined it. There are too many countries within the Eurozone trying to have their voices heard and no decisions are made, be them Economic decisions ot the Current fiasco over COVID jabs.

Another one  ding touted is the Chinese Yuan, my betting is on the Yuan.

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Donald Trump Announces 2024 Run, Will Launch Campaign by End of Year: Report

Brandan Cale  04/01/2021

'Utterly excited': Ex-policeman reacts to news of…

In announcement of his plans to run in another presidential campaign in 2024, President Donald Trump has endorsed the Republican National Committee (RNC).

The RNC, who Trump had backed in 2017 after they helped deliver him the presidential election the previous year, has not yet formally announced plans to back Trump.

Trump tweeted on Wednesday: "I am pleased to announce that I have given my full support and endorsement to the Republican National Committee (RNC). With 72 MILLION votes, we received more votes than any sitting President in U.S. history - and we will win!"

A president who loses an election, does not normally have a say over who the RNC would support as its next Presidential Candidate, Reuters reported, but Trump's tweet does suggest a future presidential  run on his part.

A source told the news agency that Trump had informed his allies he will announce plans to run for president again in 2024. The Constitution imposes a two-term presidential limit, but does not say they have to be consecutive.

Trump is still contesting the results of the November 3 election that was called for Democrat Joe Biden. Legal challenges still continue in key states amid claims of fraud made without evidence by the Trump team.

Newsweek: Donald Trump Announces 2024 Run

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The British Sterling was the de facto world reserve currency up to WW2, because the prior century or so, the British empire was global, it was the biggest economy in the world and by default, the Pound Sterling was the currency of choice. It was still powerful post WW2. The US dollar supported the restoration of Europe post WW2, but the British still had an empire post WW2 (slowly dismantling) and the British pound was the currency of choice in India, Ghana, Nigeria, the Caribbean, etc. 

The US dollar became the "official" world reserve currency in the early 70s. Nixon took America off the gold standard and made a deal with the Saudi crown to only accept the US dollar for oil. In return America guaranteed the crown's security and made private regional political assurances. The rest of OPEC followed suit. All countries had to convert their currency to dollars in order to buy oil and thus made the US dollar dominant for global trade as it expanded into other markets. It also created a whole new market in currency trading. Hence the Euro-dollar, Yen-dollar, narco-dollar, etc. 




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Coss, the fact that its likely he'll get the nomination and in my opinion, stand a very good chance of winning gives some veracity for my constant posts about America ending as a power. 

I'm sure the preceding opinion on Trump is music to some ears on here and in America I think you will once again get a record turn out. 

Republicans will turn out in extraordinary numbers for sure. I think the Democrats may have issues getting all the myriads of voters out. 

I think Latinos will vote Republican in higher numbers. This may sound surprisingly to most, but not to me. I also think the Black vote will stay home based on Biden is being perceived presently by Blacks. I also don't think Biden will get as much as the white female suburban votes as he enjoyed in 2020. All these  and a few other factors may give Trump a victory. You may also see Asians vote Republican and in higher numbers because of the recent anti Asian issue that has permeated America (of which I have an opinion but will remain quiet for now ;) ).

The one factor that could change things squarely to one party or the other is if/when an economic crash occurs within that time. 

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