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Republicans demand action against Auntie Maxine....okay? So the f*ck what? LOL. 'Ooohh...that's scary'. Hey Coss, Republicans being fair minded as they say they are, they had the same outrage when the fringe right went to the Michigan state house, didn't they? I can't find any links. The "deep state" must have scrubbed the net of that, yeah, that must be it. 


As far as the court case, and what happens if the judge and the city throw the trial, I don't care what they do. That city gotta live with whatever they do. American history has shown there is a breaking point. Maybe this is it, maybe its not. But either way I'm not giving a f*ck. The far right talks about rights as if its life or death and to them it is. This is actually life and death and repeatedly acting in a manner that tells said group "Not only don't we give a f*ck, its okay". 

When the masses stop debating, seeing its no use, trust me, the gov't local or otherwise is going to make changes. 

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Hi, Guys, why are you so obsessed with this thread? Why want it locked? Don't like it, just don't bloody read it. Sanuk!  

I do enjoy this guys vlogs. I pretty much disagree with everything he says. But this is very interesting. PS I do like his autoplay video on his home page. I do like his not monetizing the internet

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12 hours ago, khunsanuk said:

Must be for the same reason they refer to themselves as "Irish-American", "Italian-American", etc even though even their (grand)parents were born in the US.

On that basis, I reckon I might start to refer to myself, as Viking-Human  

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Mr Coss, an estimated 240 moons ago you joined this board of excellent sanukers and simultaneously promoted a unit called the Deep Klong Anglers Club. Would you kindly be prepared to expand on any further progress of said project. I did already ask you an estimated 14 years ago but did never receive any details.

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With that in mind, I'll say a rant. All manner of groups have a beef. From far left to far right. Some of the members have resorted to violence. Antifa has fought fascist groups. 2nd amendment groups have done some violence. Incels have done mass shootings. The far right militia have invaded both the Michigan state house and Capital Building. All these groups didn't have a life or death issue. You are still alive and life is not taken along with losing your right to owning a gun, or living in a "libtard" America as our friend says, or if you are gay and can't marry another man, etc. None of them involve loss of actual life. 

The cops and other people killing specific people randomly are literally a life and death issue. When I am stopped by a cop I know its potentially a life or death issue. Literally. I've said this before. I've had a gun, cocked and pointed at me about a half dozen times in my life, with one exception, ALL of them was by police. And in this America, the immediate thought process is automatically, "well, what did Steve do for them to react like that?" . That is the first thing. Unless someone knows me personally and even some of them. People may not agree about the exjudicial killing of people by cops. That debate is over. That horse has been beaten to death. I do not believe that the far right view that they are being arbitrarily targeted is true but it doesn't matter if they believe that. And if they act accordingly, society has to deal with it in some form or fashion. The same thing with cops and others killing without either being prosecuted for it or the matter requiring a herculean effort to have any semblance of justice. 

The conversation is over for many of the young now. They see it as an existential life or death issue and are acting accordingly. Whatever happens...happens. It will either be squashed or changes will happen as a result. But the BLM marches have begun a response now that there is no more gaslighting debates, etc. 

America has headed that way. My guess it will get messy...very messy. By a variety of groups. So, people can do all the memes they want if it gives them some emotional comfort. They can vote for people who will support laws, relegations, that support their view of things. It won't matter. We're past the point of debate I think. That's what it seems like from what I read and see. 

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On 4/21/2021 at 6:06 AM, buffalo_bill said:

Mr Coss, an estimated 240 moons ago you joined this board of excellent sanukers and simultaneously promoted a unit called the Deep Klong Anglers Club. Would you kindly be prepared to expand on any further progress of said project. I did already ask you an estimated 14 years ago but did never receive any details.

The Deep Klong Anglers Club has not thrived. Yet still, it exists and is currently a four person organization.

The early days it suffered, in large part, from my ill-considered desire, to have it swashbuckling and sauntering through the screens and pages of NanaPlaza, Thai360 and other inter-webbery.

The key problem, turned out to be, the desire of the participants, to retain anonymity, whilst pursing the twin delights, of fishing in the Klongs and in the Bars.

There are four of us, for whom, fishing and mongering, are continuing, dual delights.

Infrequently conducted these days, due to the pernicious quadrangle,  of health, location, family and funds, we do, on occasion, manage to mingle, nightlife and fishing.

As I say, there are privacy issues involved, that make publicizing such endeavours, a disinclination.

My last trip to a backwater series of ponds, in Laos was a success, with several catfish of about 2Kg being caught, Pla Kot Luan, I believe is the Thai name.  Unaccompanied by family, there was Tam Mahk Houng, beer and some giggling attendants to be had.

Once Covid has abated, I feel a resurgence in these activities will be apparent.

FYI membership requirements: | ability to Monger | ability to Fish | physical presence in LOS , Laos, Cambo and environs | a discrete demeanour | a vocabulary.

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