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13 hours ago, cavanami said:

The S&P 500 has lost all of the gains it has made since Joe Biden was sworn in as president.

The market index, on Monday, closed down 151 points at 3,749.84, notably below the 3,798.91 level, which is where it closed on Jan. 19, 2021. (The Dow and Nasdaq indexes long ago fell below the pre-inauguration levels of 31,930 and 13,197, respectively.)

Monday’s market plunge put the S&P back in bear market territory and hit a new 52-week low. It was part of a broader financial downturn that saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average fall 876 points and Nasdaq tumble 530.

Don't care -

American Finances and their Politics in general is as disinteresting as elsewhere.

The only time it got interesting, was when an Orange Grifter got hold of the reigns. And now, the fate of said, Mango Mussolini and his cohort.

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More of the diaster...for the brain dead that only focus on Trump....Trump is done...move on!

Just had a highly credible client tell me she had $93,000 in college debt recently forgiven. He is doing it anyway, just not telling us about it. Keep piling financial burden on the American taxpayer and they will eventually fall in line….

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You are making out as if he has cancelled all student debt, whereas in fact it is 110,000 who had to meet strict criteria (Teachers, Government Employees, Low Income, over 20 years etc) out of the 43 Million outstanding loans.

The Democrats have wiped out 1.46% of Student Debt doesn’t make great headlines for Republicans I guess.

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