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So having the entry price is the main reason, by such you would go and see Hannah Gadsby, one of the most boring woke comedians to stand on a stage. You would not go because you liked her Comedy but just because you could afford a ticket. 
People either like or dislike certain styles, whether it be Food, Fashion, Music, Movies, Comedy etc. Once one decides like or dislike, then having the entry price becomes a factor.

If K-Pop band BTS were to perform in Bangkok, I would not go because of fiscal constraints, I would not go because BTS are not my taste.

As for “Fractious Tangents”  why so? Sounds like something somebody had lost an argument would say trying to scramble back any credibility.

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Remember when all the Trumpanzees were screaming with hair on fire about cancel culture?

One of Sean Hannity's guests:

Sean, that foul and vulgar comedian is a zero. X is–X shouldn’t have been on TV. X’s trying to – for shock value – save a failing career. X’s also a X who had mocked God in a stand-up comedian skit X did. So, X’s a zero. The host laughed. He encouraged X. He laughed at what X said. NBC, they need to come out and say how horrible what X said on TV, on national TV was. This was a news show, an alleged news show where X came out and said these things. X’s, X’s horrible. X’s a nothing. That network, they need to apologize.

Apparently "X" made a joke about abortion.

If you're a Hannity follower you'll find the source for this readily enough.

If you're not a Hannity follower you prolly don't need to.

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And yet another one

At least 18 young children and a teacher have died in a shooting at a primary school in south Texas.

The 18-year-old gunman opened fire at Robb Elementary School in the city of Uvalde before he was killed by law enforcement, officials said.

Investigators say the suspect was armed with a handgun, an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and high-capacity magazines. 

The teenager is suspected of shooting his grandmother at the start of the rampage. 


Cant have Gun Control now can we, that will go against the Second Amendment written in 1791 when guns were Muskets and Flintlocks capable of 3-4 rounds per minute tops depending on reloading rate compared to 45 round per minute AR-15 Assault Rifle which everybody needs



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UK no idea. In Germany you got to be a member of a shooting club. No automatic rifles. Rare mass shootings typically originate from young people stealing legal guns from their father. If you think the German gun market has anything to do with what happens in USA you are dead wrong.

" How to fix this " ? Stop selling guns to anybody.

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1 hour ago, cavanami said:

So how to fix this?

What is done in the UK or Germany?

Semi Automatics were banned in 1988 following the Hungerford Massacre 


There are still illegally held guns and gun crimes. Gun deaths but at a rate of 0.23 per 100,000 compared to 12.21 per 100,000 in the US, I. The USA over 50 times more likely of being killed by a gun than the UK.

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