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More 55555

This guy just keeps giving. Same trial, more reporting


..."You are already under oath to tell the truth," Gamble said Tuesday. "You've already violated that oath twice today, in just those two examples. It seems absurd to instruct you again that you must tell the truth while you testify. Yet here I am again."...

Gamble is the Judge




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Jan. 6 committee requests contents from Alex Jones’ phone

Alex Jones' lawyer appears to have accidentally shared the contents of the Infowars host's phone — and now the Jan. 6 committee wants the materials.




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On the other hand, the daily schadenfreude I have, when encountering the almost daily, accounts of people getting arrested or otherwise having consequences heaped upon them, is for me, a sign that, as the quote often attributed to Churchill ends, "The Americans will eventually do the right thing".

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I've just been watching TV cover of what Trump is calling a "raid" by the FBI on Mar-a-Lago,  in which he says they "cracked a safe".

The legal commentary follows the line that search warrants, particularly of this nature, are based on reasonable cause of crime committed and evidence of crime being able to be found and are authorised by a disinterested Judge/s.

What is particularly galling, is footage of Trump in New York, getting into a car, surrounded by henchmen, just like a top notch Mafioso.

Excepting that in his case, the henchmen are Secret Service funded by the USA taxpayer, to motorcade him everywhere.

Free Mob transport, nice if you can get it.

“Donald Trump has a copy of the search warrant,”  “He’d show us the warrant if he were so wronged. - Show it or shut it.”

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Standing in front of a Judge saying "But I was President, that's the King of the Universe!" wont hold much water when they've actually decided to prosecute. They got Capone on Tax, Trump on documents - theft/destruction?



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