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<< Who am I forgetting? >>



Bobby Jindal? :hmmm:








Surely you jest (and don't call me Shirley).


His post-"State of the Union" speech was one of the best "Mr. Rogers" impressions I'd seen in a long while ("won't you be my neighbor?"), but it effectively killed his presidential ambitions.

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For a long time I wrote that as "tow the line." While I'm not one of the fellas concerned much with grammar (obvious) -- I even corrected people on a few occasions who - correctly - wrote it as 'toe..'.



The burden of shame is not an easy one to bear.


Or is it bare?




I feel your pain. But as a member of the liberal elite I feel I have a duty to spell properly. We are victims who have been unfairly targeted by the media. But do we retreat? Hell no. We reload. We keep grammar in the crosshairs. Our fingers are on the trigger. Lock and load you betcha. If Sarah becomes president I believe spelling can only improve across this great nation. It's a miracle!!!


Ah, chuckwoww! You are very naughty.


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'Baby was a black sheep

baby was a whore


well you know she got big

and she's gonna get bigger


baby got a hand

got her finger on the trigger...'


- Patti Smith


[on the Dave32 top 10 of all time, btw]


Do you like the world around you?

Are you ready, to behave?

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You are seriously betting on the "outdoorswoman" that took *seven* shots at 50 yards to down a caribou all while having her daddy load her gun for her? On national teevee?


I'll go 20:1 on that LOL!


Pelosi would be a great motivator (as a target) I would imagine. :neener:



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Smoking gun:

Loughner carried around with him a copy of the Constitution to support his ideas



In today's Tucson newspaper it claims Lougher [color:red]'made the last of four visits to the Pima County OneStop Center' last September 29. He brought with him a camera and was filming. He was asked to leave which he responded by pulling out a copy of the Constitution and saying 'It was his right!'.[/color]According to the paper, that was [color:red]'the first of two times Loughner was ejected that day of disruptive behavior for his interpretation of the Constitution.'[/color]


[color:red]'That evening two Pima Community College police officers delivered a letter to the home Loughner shared with his parents, telling them that he was being suspended from college."[/color]

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I can't see them nominating her. Not if they want to win. It will have to be a moderate. But she'll demand a price.

Who have they got? No one.


Huckabee? Too fundy X-tian

Mittens? Not Xtian' date=' wears magic underwear

Palin? Just a stupid nutjob who lost any credibility with her teevee show showing her lies

Newt? Puh-leese

Pawlenty? Mr Flip-flop? He was a moderate until he wanted to be POTUS


Who am I forgetting?[/quote']



My fear is, there are enough stupid people in this country who would vote for any or all of the above mentioned wing nuts.

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Hey BT, not sure why you're replying to me with that one sir. The Loughner case looks like WYSIWYG, this guy lost connection with people and his thought process... just fucking bad. I'm not a clinical person who could make a diagnosis, but it's not difficult to see he's 'nuts,' in the bad way.


In reference to Palin - I watched the video on her facebook page and it was dreadful. I liked her better when she was goofy and getting played by the media -- now you can see the grooming behind the scenes and canned commentary. Typical stuff that means little.


Hugh, it def looks like she's gearing up to run. Who knows how that will all be orchestrated with the 'machines' (about which I'm pretty ignorant anyway).


Anyway, I grow weary of talking about Palin.


Posting the Patti Smith excerpt above was vague, but I think Chuck gets it. If you start sterilizing speech, you'll kill a lot of beautiful things along with the stuff you don't like.



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