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Not a fan of Howard, not gonna be, rational and sensible, logical thoughts, don't sell a Shock Jock's radio show.


And shirtless boy, well, lovely to visit with your Jesus fixation. Really, if people don't have guns they'll just use knives? Even if I wanted to, i could never replicate the damage a semi or fully automatic weapon , that's being fired into a crowd, would do, with a knife, or even two knives, one in each hand, see that? Multitasking...

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>> Samantha Eubanks was taking care of six children in her Dearborn, Michigan, home one morning in late September when she heard a noise upstairs.


Her 3-year-old son, she discovered, had found one of her husband's handguns. The toddler pulled the trigger, shooting two other 3-year-old children - one in the face and the other in the shoulder, prosecutors said, according to the Detroit Free Press.


The two wounded children were rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but are now recovering in their homes. One of them lost an eye, and has undergone numerous surgeries, local news station WDIV reported.


On Thursday, authorities filed charges against Eubanks and her husband, Timothy Eubanks, 32. Eubanks, who ran an unlicensed day care facility in her house, knew her husband's weapons were in the second-floor bedroom, prosecutors told the Free Press. Timothy Eubanks left the home that morning knowing that he left two handguns unsecured upstairs, prosecutors said. <<





Now I reckon that if this Eubank-abilly had had to comply with NZ style gun laws, he would had his guns locked in a gun safe, unless they were out for a legitimate purpose, like on the way to a gun range or hunting trip, or that he had a reasonable fear, that someone was breaking into his house.


And the Police would check on him yearly to renew his ability to retain his license.


Now I know, that doesn't fix the 'criminals have guns too', problem, but my solution to illegal gun possession, is grind 'em up and make 'em into fertiliser.




Eubank-abillies, like hillbillies only these ones.



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