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President Donald Trump lavished praise on the health care system of Nambia during a speech at the United Nations. But there's one little problem -- there's no such country.


"In Guinea and Nigeria, you fought a horrifying Ebola outbreak," Trump told African leaders gathered Wednesday. "Nambia's health system is increasingly self-sufficient."

The gaffe lit up social media, with many speculating whether he meant Namibia, Zambia or Gambia.






Donald Trump referred to meeting with the 'president of the Virgin Islands' in a speech. He himself is said president.


Addressing the Values Voter Summit in Washington on Friday, he said: 'I will tell you, I left Texas and I left Florida, and I left Louisiana, and I went to Puerto Rico, and I met with the President of the Virgin Islands.


'These are people that are incredible people.'


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4980896/Trump-says-met-president-Virgin-Islands.html#ixzz4vWhyFE4p


Of course these people are incredible, they are Donald Trump....

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Larry Flynt offers $10M in quest to impeach Trump


Fox - Anchor Liz Claman tweeted a photo of the ad, which reads: “Larry Flynt and Hustler magazine announce a cash offer of up to $10 million for information leading to the impeachment and removal from office of Donald J. Trump.â€










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Psychologists march through NY to call for Trump's removal



A group of psychologists and mental health professionals on Saturday marched through New York calling for President Trump to be removed from office.


The group — which included more than 100 psychologists and mental health professionals — are pushing for Trump to be ousted from his post, according to The New York Post.


“We can sense the power of Trump’s underlying fear that he is worthless and weak by how intensely he resists and retaliated against any criticism,†said Harry Segal, a Cornell University psychologist.


“No matter how minor, he can’t let anything go.â€


Michelle Golland, a clinical psychologist, told The New York Post the country is "suffering from his narcissistic personality."


“He has no empathy. You can feel it, the way he spoke about the San Juan mayor," she said. "She has PTSD and our president mistreats her. She is re-victimized. That is a narcissist.â€


The march was organized by The Duty to Warn PAC, a group of psychologists that believes Trump has a malignant narcissism, according to Newsweek.


The group planned to hold marches across the country to send a message about Trump, warning that he could start a nuclear war.




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