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The cruise ships x-ray every suitcase going on to the ship....maybe the casinos need to do the same?


We used to say that Las Vegas was much safer then Washington DC....cannot say any longer!


Vegas has been changing a lot over the last number of years. Corporate run. It used to be if you could control your gambling you had a nice, cheap vacation. Now the major casinos charge ~ $18 a night for valet parking, the coffee shops are expensive, and comps are controlled by the points you build gambling. We used to go up to a pit boss and ask for free dinner coupons, never a problem, now it all depends on how much you gamble, and how long.


The smaller, outlying casinos are still pretty laid back.


I am a cigar smoker and the major casinos are all posting no cigar, or pipe, smoking. Cigs still OK, but that is next according to a couple pit bosses I know.

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I suspected a bump stock, it's the easy way to make a automatic when you can't.


The old Australian Army issue rifles I used to be able to switch to Automatic using a match stick. I suspect newer ones are harder.


He apparently had an AK-47, not a USA copy, that would also have been easy to switch to auto.



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Watching as I do, the televisual extravaganza, the media fest on both sides, of the gun debate in America, is kicking off.


A few points that caught my attention:


Bump-stocks have sold out across the Nation, the Republicans are looking to pass a bill that bans Bump-stocks.


So, many many, people see a need for a Bump-stock or 20, now they've seen it's utility, in this tragedy, that's still warm.


The Republicans think, that if the gunman hadn't had Bump-stocks, no one woulda died? Why don't they make it illegal to own military style guns and amass arsenals of them?


A bad man with a gun (many guns) would not have been stopped by a good man with a gun in this case, unless the good man was a sniper and had had time to set up and locate the target with a spotter, like in the movies.


I can almost guarantee that there were several or more people in or near the victims of this shooting that were good people and had guns, but they were up against, a nearly impossible to stop, target.


3% of households in the USA, own half of all the guns.

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