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Suv In Thailand


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so what brand of a "small SUV" did you buy? experience?


diesel subsidized: you mean tax or fuel or what is subsidized?

I bought a 1st gen Nissan X-trail. It is a car-based SUV and has selectable 4WD so quite comfortable to drive and not too big. Not a big fan of the Honda CR-V, plus 4WD function on this is (IMO) inferior to the Nissan. Have taken it out to a waterfall that I certainly would never have brought my previous car to and never had any problems. One thing I wasn't too happy about but can live with is that it has a petrol engine, and at 2.5 liters isn't exactly small; they don't import the diesel variant found in other countries. In general use have found it reasonably economical for this type of vehicle - about 10 km/liter. About the same as my previous Saab turbo in normal driving.


Think Mekhong answered the diesel question (see why I would have preferred the diesel variant of the X-trail? :))


But I'm really happy with it as it'll go almost anywhere and drives well...


The 2nd gen is a lot larger and has a 2.0 liter engine, but only came as a 2WD variant so wasn't interested.

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Thanks for the link, interesting little note. Didn't know about the new Chevy and having had a few of those in Thailand would not hesitate to buy another. Think I still prefer the Captiva over this new Trailblazer but that is really in another bracket I think.


In my first 10 years here I drove a Jeep Cherokee pretty much exclusively, everywhere from Bangkok side streets to dirt trails up big hills on Samui and Phuket, Drove from Chiang Mai to Singapore over a week once, car never missed a beat in 10 years and that big 6 purred like a cat even if it drank like an alcoholic! Oh well I wasn't paying for the fuel back then.


Today my weapons of choice are 3 in number though I will usually choose the SLK just because it can make me smile and is bollockingly good fun.

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indeed chevy captiva diesel is a great choice and now there is the mazda cx-5 with a diesel top model awd too ;)

those are not as ugly as the fortuner & possibly slightly fun to drive on top of all the obvious suv benefits off road or lets say on typical bkk & upcountry poor roads!

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I like my pick-em-up truck. 1997 Nissan. Looks not so nice but very few of the BMWs challenge me and tend to

stay as far away as possible, just the way I like it!


SUV, not for me as it seems I am hauling a frig or a truck load of something, somewhere. SUV is not as stable as

a pick up, the SUV riding higher. The early SUVs had a habit of tipping over :dunno:


When I replace my beater, it will be a pickup with an automatic transmission, as the clutch-brake-gas in the Bangkok

traffic is a pain!

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cav hows the braking on such trucks?

I just wonder cuz when I'm out and about & often find myself behind a slow as fuck SUV in the OUTER LANE/FAST LANE I always tend to get a crazy maniac pick up truck virtually clinging to my bumber?

anyway soon enough I'll speed to an opening in the middle or slow lane and never worry again who the truck will crash into while he was busy upshifting his manual gears haha ;)

did u say manual gear driving in bkk???? 55555555555555555555555 :neener:

p.s. for uninitiated: it's always the guy with the biggest dick who win the road race as opposed to the common view that the biggest engine/wheels/horn/blinker/etc will win ;)

so that means im happy arriving last in my comfy 6speed auto euro saloon :hubbahubba:

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