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One Night In Bangkok


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A perfect storm of a lull in work and air miles that had to be claimed provided the opportunity for a quick return to Bangkok yesterday.


First stop was Strikers, my favorite bar in Soi 4. The bar was by no means busy but what I like about this bar is that even when there are few customers the girls still try and have fun. Unlike some other bars in the soi where the girls just sit around yakking with each other and checking messages on FB with glum faces the Strikers girls provide a genuinely happy atmosphere in the bar, which is infectious. It is difficult not to have fun in this bar even when it is quiet.


Walking along the soi towards Nana none of the other bars looked particularly inviting, although Hillary 2 was lively as always due to the live music and Hillary 4 had a few attractive girls outside trying to entice customers inside. But other bars looked as dark as their decor. Also, Zen was closed with the shutters down. Was this just a one night closure or has the bar bitten the dust?


Next stop was Nana and straight into Chili on the 2nd floor. This has always been a favourite of mine with fun girls and service staff that are attentive but not pushy. Although there were only a handful of customers the girls were bouncing around on stage trying to inject some fun, but after a beer it was on to see what the new Candy Land (ex G Spot) was like.


Although there was a good selection of girls the bar looked tired, probably not helped by the lack of customers. With the exception of a jacuzzi at the far end the bar is little different from when it was G Spot, but what was different was the beer price. At 160 THB a beer the bar was charging 5-10 baht above some established bars in the plaza.


With the plaza looking tired and generally uninviting it was time to head up to Cowboy. Unlike the plaza Cowboy had a good party atmosphere although most bars were barely half full with customers. A quick beer in Rawhide was followed by Crazy House, which was packed with customers as always. This is, IMHO. the best bar in Cowboy and at 150 THB a beer and a great selection of attractive naked dancers it is easy to see why this bar is so popular.


Bangkok's bars may be quiet but this doesn't mean you can't have fun.

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Thanks for the report. Have they fixed the shower in Chili? Had a great night there once being self-appointed towel custodian... :hubbahubba: Sexy little girl one night who seemed to be enjoying herself above and beyond just entertainment :wink:

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Also, Zen was closed with the shutters down. Was this just a one night closure or has the bar bitten the dust?


I have heard a rumour that a very switched on Thai is about to take over it. I guess we will find out in due course.

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Couldn't resist....

Copied this from Stickman's latest issue.... rarely read his weekly these days, but just happened to yesterday.....


Oooops...didn't copy too well...dunno how to fix....I guess if anyone is interested they can look it up on Stick's site


Cheers DS



A casualty of the downturn in trade or is there another reason for the failure of Zen Bar, the beer bar in the prime location just to the right of the main entrance to Nana Plaza? Truth be told, Zen has never been a commercial success and the previous owner was desperate to get rid of it. There is speculation from within the industry that its limited floor space makes it tough to turn a profit given the whopping monthly rent for that space which is believed to be in excess of half a million baht per month.

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