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One Night In Bangkok


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ds, when copying from a web page, just open notepad (or any 'plain text' editor), paste it into notepad, copy said text and paste that into T360. Easy-peasy :D


Sorry - almost forgot to practice what I've just preached:


A casualty of the downturn in trade or is there another reason for the failure of Zen Bar, the beer bar in the prime location just to the right of the main entrance to Nana Plaza. Truth be told, Zen has never been a commercial success and the previous owner was desperate to get rid of it. There is speculation from within the industry that its limited floor space makes it tough to turn a profit given the whopping monthly rent for that space which is believed to be in excess of half a million baht per month

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thanks mate....noted

I'm techno challenged at the best of times....but I'm learning....slowly


Those are crazy numbers....do the math

20k / Day rent

Simplistically....@ 80 baht a beer.....(cost 40 baht) you would have to sell 500 beers a day.. EVERY day.....just to pay the rent

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I'm going to go out on a limb here, but isnt one of the traits attributed to Bangkok bar owners - and their inner circle - a tendency to 'talk things up' ? I have to wonder how many of the figures thrown around on Stick's site and elsewhere are - to put it politely - 'rubbery' ?


I know the Thai economy is reportedly going gangbusters and BKK is at the heart of that 'greed is good' pendulum, but as DS pointed out that's a hell of a lot of beer and barfines each month just to make rent.

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