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Nick Nostitz -- A Farewell Retrospective

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I like Nick a lot. I haven't seen much of him in recent years although we did catch up a couple of months back.   In many ways we shouldn't get on because we're ideologically poles apart, are both

He's posted on Facebook that his exhibition opening and address was a big success. Democratic political figure Kasit Promya showed up too, and Nick thanked him for his kind words. Kasit is a well know

I went to the" opening" speak and it was well attended with mostly older Farangs. My interest was more artistic than political but the two are heavily and inseparably linked in is work,   I though

its only monday........


knowing Nick and having followed his career, its a pity he things he must leave, then again he also created his own demise so to say...to engaged !


fare well in Germany Nick, you are in for a big shock.

hopefully you get matters sorted out with your kid soon, so all can travel together !



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He won't actually be leaving for some months yet. Rightly or wrongly, he is viewed by many as sympathetic to the red shirts. That is what has brought him trouble. He was assaulted at one PDRC rally, with a speaker on the stage pointing him out and ordering the attack. I can't remember that happening to any other journalist.

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he's not the only one with the lesser of two evils perspective. time will tell.


wish him the best and sad to see he has to leave out of worry, hopefully someday can make it back in a time when dissenting views are given a little more leeway. best of luck mr nostitz.



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