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Stickman Leaving Thailand Soon

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It's code for a little known quantum physics theory, that there is a 'Mabel' boson, the female equivalent of the woman behind the 'Higgs' boson, which itself is still on shaky ground, existentially, so to speak...

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Credit to Stickman for keeping it going this long!   Credit to KS for keeping NanaPlaza-Thai360 going for this long!   I know I couldn't do it and doubt most of us could...

In the past I've been critical of the site (stickman) -- elements I didn't like about it. Many of those things would be general criticisms I would level against the expat community of Thailand.  

Alternatively maybe it is the board membership is just getting older, and god forbid it actually growing up.   Fuckbook and Twatter is full of pretentious pricks, self advertising with "Selfies" and

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