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Nothing to get excited about - it was only another "my puter, him not working" post.  

I liked the section about the shocking Wednesday Woodstock Incident...

Looks like the flight plan of MH 370

  • 2 weeks later...

Looks like the flight plan of MH 370


It was the first chapter of the future bestseller, Sex and The American Soldier...can't say where or how I got this but I think this might be what was posted and then deleted:



Corporal Mac was beginning to like this whole military life thing. The ride up San Juan Hill was a bit dusty. The Spanish troops threw their rifles to the ground and disappeared into the Cuban countryside.


Three days prior...the day after the Spanish surrender... he traded his rifle for rum, Cuban cigars and a hot Cuban woman. Two days after his issue Colt Single Action Army went for more rum and a beach threesome with two grateful hot Cuban goddesses. Then his pocket watch for rum, a chorizo torta and an all nighter with a group of voluptuous Cuban cigar rollers grateful to be liberated from the cruel yoke of Spanish oppression.


Military life wasn't without risk...one Rough Rider had a nasty blister on his sword arm and half seemed to have difficulties urinating after the “celebrations†with Cuban women - thirty years before penicillin.


This year the Spanish...next year...1899....who knows? Freedom isn't free. Some leader somewhere in the world in a country nobody has ever heard of will manage to piss off a visiting U.S. politician somehow.


The Belgian Congo, French Indochina, Siam - they will NEED America.

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I have a cardboard box at home. There is nothing in it. The box is empty. What should I do with the box?


Is this the proper venue for such a question?


But was the box empty? I doubt such!


78.08% Nitrogen, 20.946% Oxygen, 0.934% Argon, 0.0397% Carbon Dioxide, 0.001818% Neon, 0.000524 Helium 0.000159% Methane all exist in the said empty box, just because one cannot see it does not infer lack of existence unless one has a dose of Thai Ness

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