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Booze Ban To Create Pockets Of Prohibition


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Its in force with most big outlets - True shops for example, that being said, I got a sim card from my usual haunt on Soi Buckhao with no questions asked so it seems a tad hit and miss.


On the one occasion I went to the true shop (bloody stupid system, queue to register, go to machine to top up, then go back to queue!) I didn't have any ID though they accepted the G/F's ID card without any fuss. This was in February but as we all know, things change rapidly.


That sounds like True in Pattaya, long lines and waiting for several hours to do something that takes 10 minutes. Next time go to the 7-Eleven. :p


p.s. Presumably this liquor ban could apply to the whole country, in which case all hell could break loose.

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In full support of the current Thai government I may propose an amendmend to the close-bars-close-to-schools-law . I propose to ban prostitution closer than 10 meters to all school property . Which will lead into an immediate meltdown of the national gross income although prostitution does not exist in the kingdom because forbidden by law . All prostitues shall be transferred to inactive post further North East .


After this has been successfull implemented I further propose that taxi meters must be used on any roads in immediate vicinity ( closer than 500 meters ) to any bar that although in vicinity of schools has not been closed so far .

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If I may. A requirement that prostitution be located at all institutes of higher learning would substantially improve attendance, and keep the boys from the temptations of alcohol at nearby bars. Such may be arbitrarily enforced for six months, which is to say, enforcement to be rigorously promoted for one month, imposed sporadically for 2, and entirely forgotten by the third...

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