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Pre-Paid Phones To Be Cut-Off


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Is this true?



Millions of prepaid phone numbers to be cut off in Thailand with new SIM card rule


Thailand's telecom regulator will implement a new SIM card registration rule that could cut off as many as 20 million prepaid mobile phone numbers after on Saturday (Aug 1).



They are available in malls and convenient stores everywhere, but that is all about to change on Saturday (Aug 1).

Under a new government regulation, prepaid mobile users will need to register their personal information with their mobile service provider.

The Thai government approved the regulation earlier this year aimed at preventing the misuse of unregistered SIM cards in criminal activities. The scheme is also designed to reduce the wastage of phone number resources.

But unregistered prepaid card users will not have their lines cut off completely after the deadline.

While they will no longer be able to make outbound calls and surf the Internet on their mobile device, they can still receive calls and SMS messages for one more month.

Thailand's telecom regulator said it expects 65 million prepaid mobile users to register their personal information by the Aug 1 deadline with another five million more registering in August.

It also believes some 20 million mobile phone numbers that belong to inactive users will be cut off after Friday.

Phone companies will have until February 2016 to get their act together. After which, they will be fined more than US$2,000 (80,000 baht) a day if they activate new prepaid SIM cards without registering users.

There are over 105 million mobile users in Thailand, 90 million of whom are prepaid subscribers.


Source : http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/millions-of-prepaid-phone/2021062.html

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What a f-ing bummer! I have had my number for 10 yrs and I am in USA from before this was announced until October which is far after the deadline. It looks like I will lose my number, right? And lots of my Thai regulars will lose their numbers because they just won't get around to registering. I will get cut off from them.


Do you think I will be able to retrieve my number in October, or will it be gone permanently?


There must be a huge reaction from the general population about this, yes? This hurts.



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