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Hooters, Soi 4.

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"which came therefore out of her wages"


This annoys me. Staff likely make pretty much fuck all anyway, and then management makes them responsible for losses incurred due to people not paying.




In principle I agree but if there is no carrot, a Thai will let the lot walk out without paying unless a stick of sorts is used.


The word on the street is that in Pattaya, there are making them pay up front, as many pakis and indians have apparently being running off without paying. Who'd have thought ?

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1. Reasons to go to Hooters as opposed to the other bars lining Soi 4:   i. Hooters birds are sweet, affable, attractive and shapely young things who'll leave you alone unless you wish to chat (in w

When I was in Bangkok, normally I lived with my Thai friends and their families. But the friends have their homes far out in the suburbs of Bangkok. In the Don Muang area or in Lam Luk Ka and so on.

Aah, if only Trink were still a scribe over there !

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" a Thai will let the lot walk out without paying unless a stick of sorts is used."


A friend of mine a long time ago, told me that as a Seaman, in Japanese ports, he'd just take stuff out of shops and the Japanese were too polite to say anything. This was in the '60s though.

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I've not been there and doubt i'll ever go there, but I know a lady who worked there. She's already gotten herself the ultimate long time. Married some dodgy american chap…..who she met in Hooters.


He's rich. And significantly older than her.


I predict many years of shopping to be had by both.

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....maybe because some of the staff at Hooters are hotter than most of the girls dancing in the plaza?



Why else would one go to Hooters on Soi 4? There are plenty of bars with completely naked young women to ogle. Why pay high prices to watch women wearing clothes playing with a hula hoop?



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