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Cost Of Living


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<<Surprisingly, adding in a vehicle can reduce costs as you don't drink as much, can travel more, pay less for taxis and have another avenue to explore your surrounds. >>


Never seen that said before but I agree, plus a good way to get out of being in the "trap" of a farang ghetto, many farang I know have been here for 15++ years and hardly seen anything of Bangkok/outer pataya, let alone many wonderful fun places to visit, yes, for sex too :) and just interesting


We bought our first vehicle out of necessity and then wondered how we had managed all those years previously without one. It facilitated a move to a cheaper and larger property with far more space and a pool and made hated tasks such as shopping via baht bus or similar a thing of the past. Pattaya had no taxis back then.


As a rough cost, depreciation was no more than Bt50k a year, insurance Bt30k, maintenance say another Bt20k at a generous push so you have about Bt100k a year all in. That is Bt8k a month plus fuel, so perhaps Bt10k a month all in including local trips and add a few thousand more for more miles. I would never live there again without a car or truck.

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As others mentioned I think it is all relative, and depends on what you want. I'm from the US, various places, but before the move here, 14 years in southern California. We live in Bang Saphan and bought some beachfront property (Thai wife). There is no way we could afford beachfront anywhere in the states that we would want to live.


I like Thai food, but also variety and so usually I have a Thai lunch, and cook my own western dinner. Thai food very cheap down here but to buy a decent steak you pay more than you would for a comparable one in the states. Most western food I find more expensive (makes sense!). I can cook pretty good so staples I can use local ingredients and spend the extra on beef.


Other household supplies I find cheaper here, but sometimes the quality, or quantity, negate the savings.


Utilities we find cheaper. We don't need a/c 24/7 usually just at night.


Basic groceries tend to be cheaper, and items such as chicken, pork and seafood cheaper than the states.


Haven't gotten medical insurance yet, but looked into it. If gotten before age 60 it seemed good, and cheaper, perhaps as I get closer (soon) I may sign up.


All told my standard of living is cheaper than the states, and my wife's very much so (since she "goes Thai" in everything).


Not big bar people, but a night out considerably cheaper.


Bought a Toyota here, comparable to the state prices.


I'd say, except for foreign travel, we live very comfortable on 70,000 baht per month. Could do on less without too much sacrifice.


I do like expensive (for here) items such as cigars, and books, so that can be a budget blower if your not careful.

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I live in suburban north Bangkok, and prices are much different out here. My nice 8,000 baht apartment would be at least 25,000 near Sukh, maybe 30,000+. I can get a full western meal for about 1/3rd what it would cost me in the States. It pays to stay out of downtown.

How easy is it to live out of downtown and still be close (5-10 minutes MAX) from a good hospital ER?


Bumrungrad ER is good. Police Hospital, across from Central World if I remember correctly, is good, but quite a bit farther away. (I had to run an acquaintance to ER one night. She refused to let me take her to Bumrungrad, saying it was too expensive.)

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Because of the traffic, it's not easy to live close to any top hospital. The rule to living anywhere in Bangkok (or just outside of it) is to have nearby expressway access. I usually go to Mission Hospital (Seventh Day Adventist). Many of the MDs are US trained. The prices are middle range, lower than Bamrungrad. Mission Hospital is right off the exit of an expressway.



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Friend of mine from Oz just went back to Bangkok for a few weeks this month, first visit in nearly 10 years, used to live in Bangkok, came back and saw me today.


Was stunned at the costs and comparison to Oz, Bangkok in her humble opinion was no longer cheap, the best clothing deal she got (being female) was she thought very funny to be Tesco.


Up country she fond things obviously cheaper, more advanced, but still far closer to Oz pricing than when she lived here.

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I concur with Flashmac,


I live probably the same distance, all be it in a different direction, as Flash from "Down Town" and have a 5 Star International Hospital with all facilities very close to home, closer in fact than BNH was when I was ling on Suan Phlu.


All Consultant Doctors western educated

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Realistic cost based upon first had experience. The wife an I have just been back in Bangkok for 3 weeks and we did THB75,000 in the duration, not being hedonistic but also not being frugal either. Just living an average comfortable life. home is paid for so no rent to pay but I would reckon on THB 125,000 per month to be comfortable.


I have often stated at least $1 Million before switch off, not there yet hence the reason bak to Vietnam for a few more $

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