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The concept of Zero


If you have a basket with 8 apples in it ten remove 8 apples what do you have left? If you say Zero apples WRONG you have a Basket


If you have Zero apples you also have Zero Oranges, Zero, Pears, Zero Bananas,, Zero Cars, Zero, Hookers, Zero Houses etc etc in fact you have Zero of an infinite number of objects minus 1rhe Basket


Zero and Infity are just arbitrary hyperthetical statements but do not relate to numbers, maybe you need a fecked up brain like mine to grasp the concept


Same as Black, PTBM was being either sarcastic or extremely clever is saying “like black is not a color†Well it isn’t in Physics colors are defined by whe wavelength of light reflected from them, Black absorbs all light with no reflection so Ipsy facto isnt a color as such


Now if you can grasp that you may understand the concept of Hawkings “A Brief History of Time†black holes and all that.


So, Zero is not a number, Black is not a Color and life is better with a cold beer



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