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New Zealand Thread


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Depends on the beer. I saw a new brand in the 7-Eleven yesterday, so I bought one to try it. It's called Tapper and it's 6.5% alcohol. (The rest may be klong water, for all I know.) What did it taste like? Well, not really much of anything ... just wet, cold, and alcoholic. I won't be buying another one. It definitely must be aimed at the Thai "get drunk quick for as little money as possible" crowd. Two or three of those should do the job for Somchai.





And now back to whatever it is that people talk about in New Zealand (or New Zedland, as a Pom would say).

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I'm not sure if I have any fecks. What do they look like?


Feck is a quality of the human condition. It is required to achieve. A quality of value, especially good value.


Below are older non-Google definitions, that are not dependant on Google's 'gosh this is popular' algorithm:


Definition of feck


1 Scottish

a : the greater share : majority —usually used with the

-the feck of the town council didn't fancy his backers —John Buchan

b : part, portion - took the best feck of a year - sold the best feck of the litter

2 Scottish : value, worth, no feck would come from it

3 Scottish : a number or quantity especially when large a whole feck of them came



To catch these fish for example, one must possess the quality of feck.



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I still swear that Han Noi Beer and Saigon Beer are the same beer in different bottles




There is a subtle difference Ha Noi is slightly Bitter whereas Saigon Special is a little Sweeter


Having consumed over 4,000 of each in the last 54 months or so I do consider my to be an aficionado on this matter

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